Vegas Seven


  • Arts & Entertainment

    Best Strip Headliner

    While we’re tempted to divide this category into three headliners—i.e., Coco Austin and her enormous twin assets—we’ll count them all as one big, sexy, high-wattage headliner. Injecting renewed vigor into the erotic production spectacle Peepshow as Bo Peep after the departure of Holly Madison, the Ice Loves Coco reality-show star proves she’s more than just her mammaries, but a genuine presence onstage.

  • Showstopper

    Coco Austin brings more than breasts to Peepshow

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Searching for acting in Peepshow is like looking for a Monet at a paintball match. That said, adding Coco Austin and those twin planets between her neck and navel lend this sex-tease-on-steroids the sense there’s a person inside Bo Peep’s corset, not just marquee mammaries.

  • Stage

    Vegas Loves Coco

    By Una LaMarche

    Coco Austin would like to set the record straight about something. And no, it’s not her butt for once. “Listen, I don’t go to the grocery store with a bikini on,” she says in her sweet, breathy chirp of a voice, which has the endearing, little-girl quality of sounding awestruck by every word that tumbles out of her mouth. “I’m not, like, completely naked walking down the Strip!”

  • Showstopper

    Peepshow should change with Coco era

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Big 36Ds to fill. Such was the mammary—sorry, mammoth—challenge for Planet Hollywood’s Peepshow with the departure of preggers star Holly Madison after her Oct. 21 finale. … Mission accomplished and then some: Greet Coco Austin—39DD.

  • My Object of Affection

    Holly Madison, 32

    “My most prized possession is a collection of troll dolls sent to me from fans around the world. An admirer brought me my first one to a meet-and-greet after Peepshow. I stashed it in my purse and took it out with me that night, posting pictures of its escapades on Twitter. People have been sending them from as far away as Norway ever since. I love the dolls because they’re so cute and there are so many odd varieties of them. I have one that sticks out its tongue when you squeeze its belly.”

  • Night-lites

    Madison sticking around

    By Jason Scavone

    Rest assured, Holly Madison fans. After Las Vegas’ spokesbombshell confirmed she’d be ending her run at Planet Hollywood’s Peepshow come Dec. 30, she Tweeted that she would remain in town. There’s no word yet on what her future employment might be, but there’s one thing that seems like a natural fit: She’s no stranger to reality TV, and Pawn Stars is a little too much of a sausagefest. Make it happen, History Channel.

  • Stage

    Advantages of a Holly-jolly Vegas

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Give the showgirl her shout-out. Look around: Holly Madison appears to be everywhere every hour of the day and night, seeming to singlehandedly carry Vegas goodwill on her surgically inflated, Lloyd’s-of-London-insured D cups. (We’ll skip jokes about her being the Breast of Las Vegas. … Oops.)

  • The People Issue

    Tara Palsha

    By Cindi Reed

    Less than 10 years ago, an eager young dancer from Pittsburgh sat in the audience of a darkened Las Vegas showroom and watched the lead showgirls with envy. “Oh my God, I want to be her,” she said to herself. Most people stop there, playing sour grapes with an unfulfilled wish. But not Tara Palsha. Today, the fiery redhead sizzles as the lead dancer of Vegas: The Show. And in the eight years she’s lived in Las Vegas, she’s also danced in Jubilee!, Bite, Fantasy and Peepshow.