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Penn Jillette

  • Real Estate

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Vegas

    By Emmily Bristol

    Peek into the never-dull side of Vegas’ most famous residences

  • Features

    Penn Jillette’s Great Disappearing Act

    By Cindi Reed

    In early April, Strip headliner Penn Jillette revealed to the world that he’d lost 105 pounds. In photos, he appeared gaunt and happy. The illusionist who was once all face was now suddenly all features (with some extra neck skin).

  • Gossip

    Speed Demons, Speed Wagons and Speedy Ticket Sales

    By Jason Scavone

    Another NASCAR Weekend has come and gone, and with it 48 points in the Sprint Cup standings for winner Brad Keselowski for those of you still adjusting your Sprint Cup leaderboards at home. But what did we learn, other than Dale Earnhardt Jr. needs a bigger gas tank in his whip?

  • The Latest

    The Year of Subtle Awakenings

    In 2013, Las Vegas continued its steady post-recession rise—and regained some of its optimistic swagger. We asked luminaries in diverse fields to tell us what this year meant to their corner of our culture.

  • Pop Culture

    Penn Jillette’s Film Takes Crowdfunding to the Extreme

    By Jason Scavone

    Penn Jillette wants to be bad. It’s a perfectly reasonable request. After all, who among us hasn’t entertained thoughts of Hostel-ing some anonymous tourists/obnoxious celebrities/friends and co-workers? (Hah-hah, just kidding friends and co-workers. Maybe.)

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Best Reality TV Star

    Rio headliner Penn Jillette returned to the swirling shitshow of network reality television this year and performed on The Celebrity Apprentice with considerable poise and thoughtfulness. He lasted 11 weeks before being saddled with the unenviable task of marketing Donald Trump’s cologne, but handled his firing with a dignity that left fellow hot-seat employees Clay Aiken and Dayana Mendoza exiting the boardroom looking like rattled children.

  • TelevisionTV

    Lights, Camera, Attitude

    By Jason Scavone

    Celebrity Apprentice has always had its share of Vegas. Tito Ortiz, Lil Jon, Andrew Dice Clay, Khloe Kardashian and Annie Duke have all made runs on the show. This season (No. 12, premiering Feb. 19 on NBC), though, looks like producers pulled together its cast from a month of local entertainment programming.

  • Reading

    You Are the Model?

    By Penn Jillette

    Penn & Teller are the guys who wear gray suits. The articles always say we wear matching gray business suits, but we’ve never worn matching gray business suits. The Beatles sometimes wore matching suits. The Monkees were more likely to wear clothes that were very similar but had little variations based on the different styles and personalities of Micky, Davy, Peter, and Mike. The Monkees might have worn shirts that were the same color and the same fabric, but they’d all have different collars, sleeves, cuts, and buttons. When I was a child, I thought that was so, so cool.

  • Society

    Making Strides

    Illusionists and AIDS awareness advocates Penn Jillette and Teller on June 29 threw a party for those who helped Aid for AIDS of Nevada during the 20th annual AIDS Walk. About 1,000 of the walk’s 8,500 participants signed up for the Penn & Teller Challenge, which raised $176,000 after the headliners’ matching donation. In all, the AIDS Walk on April 25 raised $500,000. Challenge-takers who raised $500 or more were invited to the special reception at the Rio. Teller shared a few magic tips with the group, and afterward everyone took in a special performance of Penn & Teller.

  • Seven Questions

    Penn Jillette

    By Sean DeFrank

    Penn Jillette is not only a Las Vegas treasure as the taller, talking half of Penn & Teller, but also as one of our community’s most outspoken members. An unabashed atheist, libertarian and antiwar advocate, Jillette lends his colorful commentary to everything from public radio to his Showtime series, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!