Vegas Seven


  • Ask a Native

    Back to the Present

    By James P. Reza

    Las Vegas changes so quickly. What places would the Native stash away in a time capsule for the future?

  • Ask a Native

    Where Should People Go for a Taste of ‘Old Vegas’?

    By James P. Reza

    I was recently asked something similar by a Canadian magazine, though their query was “Where can we walk among the ghosts of the Rat Pack?” That particular list is getting rather short, but includes the Riviera, the Golden Steer steakhouse, the Little Chapel of the West and—albeit it’s a stretch—the SLS (built in the bones of the Sahara) and Wynn Golf Club (formerly the Desert Inn Country Club).

  • The Deal

    Notes from the Advisor

    By Anthony Curtis

    How would you like to go to at least one casino or bar every day? I don’t mean just walking in to make a delivery; I mean going there to drink, eat or even gamble? Not only do I do that; it’s my job. Every month I go on my own whirlwind tour of casino visits so I can try—or sometimes just look at—as many different things as I can in preparation for compiling that month’s issue of the Las Vegas Advisor. I’ll bet you have no idea how many old things change and new things pop up in a city like this, but I’ll give you a taste:

  • Cocktail Culture

    The Scorpion Bowl, $18

    At about 64 ounces, the Scorpion Bowl is the mother of all Las Vegas lounge drinks. The iconic and gigantic cocktail has been served to thirsty patrons-in-the-know at the Peppermill for nearly 38 years. While it’s not on the menu, bartender Denise Donovan-Forbes says the drink is the unwritten rule for late nights in the Fireside Lounge because it’s not just tasty, but can also satisfy up to six people.

  • Nightlife

    The Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill

    Fire, water and lots of neon make the Fireside Lounge stand out—but it’s the cocktails and the people who drink them that make this place really interesting. Tucked in the back of the Peppermill, the 24/7 destination is a kitschy melting pot, attracting everyone from longtime locals to tourists and celebrities. With low lighting, fake foliage and mirrored tiling galore, the room is the perfect balance of ’70s-style cheese and sex appeal—and you can’t get more Las Vegas than that.