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    Primus Oozes Virtuosity at The Joint

    By Danny Axelrod

    The Bay Area band has honed their brand of lucidity and lunacy into one of the finest-tuned machines in modern rock.

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    Concert Review: Primus

    By Sean DeFrank

    On the second of three consecutive nights playing Brooklyn Bowl, Primus dipped deeply into the trio’s catalog, dating back 25 years.

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    Primed for More

    By Sean DeFrank

    Les Claypool is a man who doesn’t stay idle for long, and is constantly moving forward. After fronting Primus for more than a decade, he has spent most of the last 10 years tending to a variety of musical, literary and cinematic projects. So when weighing his options following his most recent solo tour, he surprised even himself when a rekindling with Primus guitarist Larry LaLonde began to develop into something more.