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    ‘Who said anything about being governor?’

    By Matt Jacob

    Sitting in the nondescript conference room of the nondescript Summerlin office building where he operates his public-affairs consulting business, Nevada’s longest-serving governor is talking about how he can’t believe he’s Nevada’s longest-serving governor. Wasn’t part of the career plan, he says. Not for a second.

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    How a Vegas Kid Helped Bring the Frozen Tundra to Your PC

    By Michael Green

    They were close friends at Walter Bracken Elementary School, a fat, dark-haired kid and a more angular redhead. Both skipped ahead to second grade, and their mothers were active together in the PTA. One boy wanted to be a sportscaster, the other an oceanographer. Craig McKeown, the redhead who liked the water, wound up with the career in sports. The dark-haired kid grew up to be me.

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    Deadmau5 Lives

    By Marvin Lucas

    The biggest DJ to emerge from the Great White North, Deadmau5 is known the world over for wearing a gigantic mouse head while performing. Then there’s his music. Is it house? Is it trance? Even he isn’t quite sure—but he’s got a knack for it, and crowds dig it, too. So much, in fact, that he was the best-selling artist on BeatPort last year, was the house artist for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, and today is one of the hottest talents on the electronic music circuit. Deadmau5 follows up his Memorial Day performance at Wet Republic with an Oct.

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    Maria Nicolas, 28

    Cocktail server at Revolver

  • A Real Slice of Vegas

    By Michael T. Toole

    From its humble beginnings in a small market off Charleston and Valley View boulevards a half century ago to its recent coverage on the Food Network’s Roker on the Road, Freed’s Bakery is a classic American success story, and it’s one that belongs to Las Vegas.

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    Julie Gray, 30

    Cocktail waitress at Rain

  • Moonen’s Main Man

    By Max Jacobson

    Personable, soft-spoken Long Islander Adam Sobel has been drawn to the stoves since he helped his Sicilian grandmother stuff peppers and make meatballs at the tender age of 6. But it wasn’t until his mother insisted he attend VoTec, a vocational high school, that he realized his calling.

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    Bree Cohen, 38; also known as DJ 88

    Style icon: Bianca Jagger and Nevena Borissova. What she’s wearing now: Porsche sunglasses, bamboo earrings, Raquel Allegra shirt from Curve LA, Zoe Chicco two-fingered diamond ring, H&M leggings, Gucci bag, Alexander McQueen boots and hair by Sara Bryan at Kelly Cardenas salon.

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    Marc Anthony Longwith, 30

    Server at Rare 120

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    Brett Kobes, 29

    VIP Host for Angel Management Group

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    Shanna Kim Crane, 24

    Cocktail server at XS

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    A Fresh Start

    Amanda Gager knew she had a flair for bartending. It just took her awhile to figure out exactly what that meant. The New Jersey native was tending bar in Atlantic City about seven years ago when she met the Flair Devils, a group of Las Vegas-based bartenders whose mission was to entertain as much as they poured. She was intrigued with the fad enough to go through training in various flair techniques, which she then practiced in bars along the Jersey shore.

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    Brandon Ring, 31

    VIP Services Manager at Pure

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    Angel Gosser, 25

    Lead Cocktail Server, Drai’s After Hours Hometown: Scottsville, Ky. What drives you crazy? When someone tells you to smile. What makes Drai’s so special? When all the nightclubs ... close, everyone [goes to] Drai’s to keep the party going as one big group. Everyone may have their own favorite nightclub, but Drai’s holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

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    Max Masterson, 25

    Executive Host, Eve Nightclub;