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  • cannabis

    Herbal Mothers Grows a Voice For Moms Who Smoke Weed

    By Caeli Chesin

    Families talk about openly about their experiences with cannabis

  • Stand By Us

    Atom Miller and Kevin Schanda are Las Vegas kids. The two grew up in the 1970s and ’80s, running around the Montara neighborhood off Tropicana and Pecos. Miller’s single mom worked at the Horseshoe Casino—her aunt once owned a lease on some ground under the fabled property. Schanda’s dad was responsible for one of the city’s firsts when he pioneered time-share sales at the Hacienda. The Midtown Lowdown

  • DJ Profile

    Welcome to Congorock’s Jungle

    Rocco Rampino doesn’t spend more than four days in one city. The Italian producer’s jet-set schedule is so packed with parties from Australia to Thailand that he is virtually hardwired to rock. The Congorock moniker, born just four years ago, has caught on like wildfire since his summer banger “Babylon” and prominent inclusion in today’s electro-fied Rat Pack-like crew of international artists including Bloody Beetroots, Crookers and stylized hipster labels Fool’s Gold and Dim Mak.

  • Nightlife Profile

    Inside the Dollhouse

    By Cate Weeks

    It’s Friday night. It’s your birthday. The girls are getting together to celebrate. Before you head down to the strip, Robin Antin has some advice.

  • She of the Top Toque

    By Debbie Lee

    Susan Wolfla doesn’t need your congratulations for being a woman. Mandalay Bay’s new executive chef may have the honor of being the first woman to hold that position in the Strip’s history, but she thinks there are far more interesting topics to talk about. For instance, the unforgettable roast pork she ate while in the red-light district of Hong Kong. Or her recent forays into molecular gastronomy. Or the slow extinction of the city’s shrimp-cocktail specials. Anything food-related is up for discussion; talk of the industry’s gender gap is not.

  • Nightlife Profile

    The Giving Pool

    The Palms dove into philanthropic waters and launched its inaugural family-friendly pool party, Cabanas for a Cause, in May. Each Monday throughout the summer, cabanas were rented for only $100, all of which was donated directly to local nonprofits. Seventeen charities, from Noah’s Animal House to Street Teens to Links for Life, reaped the benefits as scores of generous sunbathers partied with purpose.

  • DJ Profile

    The Art of the Remix

    You know that song you love, the one you play over and over, convinced it couldn’t get any better? Well, it can, and it does when in the capable hands of the Remix Artist Collective. Formed in 2007 by André Allen Anjos, a native of Portugual, who lives in Portland, Ore., Remix Artist Collective creates new, enhanced versions of popular songs, shaking up the typical techno, dubstep and clubby fixer-uppers with a more listener-friendly twist.

  • DJ Profile

    It’s a Girl Thing

    Before Las Vegas native Lisa Pittman earned her dual titles as “Best Gay DJ” and best promoter of lesbian parties (Vegas Seven’s Nightlife issue, Dec. 22, 2010), before she spun at nearly every major gay event or held residencies with Tao Group and at the Palms, the staunch advocate was volunteering at Pride Week and dipping her feet into Vegas’ LGBT scene. In the years since, Pittman has fully immersed herself in both the gay and mainstream nightlife scenes. And her cred is actually about to get bigger.

  • Next-Gen Chinese

    By Grace Bascos

    Peter Woo and his family have been striving to change the American perception of Chinese food for more than 30 years. Now at his new post as executive chef of Social House in Crystals at CityCenter, Woo has yet another opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of Asian cuisine.

  • DJ Profile

    Playing for Real

    Before 1993, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland made ends meet by working at a grocery store. Jordan, a radio program director at UNLV and a Las Vegas DJ, shared with Kirkland his science of record spinning. After the boys moved to Los Angeles and with the construction of an in-home studio christened “The Bomb Shelter,” The Crystal Method was born. Their last album, Divided By Night (2009), earned a Grammy nomination, while the most notable and aptly named Vegas (1997) went platinum.

  • DJ Profile

    The House That Zee Built

    As the girl in junior high listening to new wave and making mixtapes, it was no surprise that when Zarnaz “Zee” Zandi moved from Seattle to Las Vegas in ’94 to open her own coffee shop (next to the late, great Utopia Nightclub), her passion for electronic music turned into a lifestyle. Dubbed the Queen of House, Zandi is a longtime industry champion who quickly moved up from cocktail waitress to bartender, then from being one of the first female VIP hosts to booking her favorite electronic acts at our best venues including the Angel Management Group properties.

  • Character Study

    Doolittle’s Got Nothing on This Guy

    By Chantal Corcoran

    When you meet up with a guy at his favorite watering hole and he starts telling you about the times he tackled an alligator, chased down a deer and snipped a lion, it’s a pretty sure bet he’s putting you on. Unless that guy happens to be veterinarian Randy Ceballos, in which case it’s all in a day’s work.

  • DJ Profile

    Simply Irresistible

    Blood is thicker than water. And vodka. Or any drink found on a typical DJ rider. The starry-eyed songwriters-turned-DJ sisters Mim and Liv Nervo discovered their calling after inspiring summers spent vacationing in Ibiza, Spain, and years of writing pop songs in London. However unrecognized, the bubbly, blond duo produced numerous hits that fuse club and pop melodies. Their single “Irresistible” climbed to No. 1 on the U.K. charts in December, and their latest smash, “The Way We See the World” with Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, remains in the Beatport Top 10.

  • Profile

    Double Agent

    A native of Missoula, Mont., brunette beauty Kalika Moquin relocated to the desert seven years ago to try her luck at go-go dancing. While auditioning at clubs throughout town she began promoting at Ice Nightclub, where she developed a passion for the behind-the-scenes intricacies of the party life. She traded in her go-go shoes for a clipboard and quickly climbed the ladder to VIP host. She now holds the esteemed title and responsibilities of marketing director for Liquid and Bare pool lounges in summer, The Bank in winter.

  • Art

    Mural Man

    By Jarret Keene

    Alexander P. Huerta’s murals can be found nearly everywhere in downtown’s Arts District. Colorful, floating palettes, guitars and mysterious eyes signal to whoever’s driving through or strolling by that, Hey, this is where art in Las Vegas happens. Indeed, Huerta’s beautiful works serve as the unofficial markers of our creative center, his bright works elevating the district’s visual profile.