Vegas Seven

Quinn’s Irish Pub

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Best Free Show

    His talent is bigger than the small venues that contain him, which is a win for music fans on a budget. Franky Perez, the barrel-voiced singer-songwriter-guitarist and Las Vegas native has just begun two free residencies, at Quinn’s Irish Pub at Green Valley Ranch and at Jacks at Palace Station (9 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays, respectively). If you’ve never heard of him, blame past substance-abuse issues, which slowed his career but, in retrospect, have given his musicianship extra depth.

  • Bars & Booze

    Best Place for Beer Pong

    Beer pong probably won’t qualify as an Olympic sport anytime soon, but you wouldn’t know it by visiting local bars, where it ranks somewhere between video golf and video poker as our drinking game of choice. Our venue of choice is Quinn’s Irish Pub, which offers a laidback atmosphere (read: competitive players need not apply) and ample opportunity to get a game in (six tables are available). Purchase a pitcher of beer ($10 domestic, $15 imports) and the game is free, with bartenders providing the cups, ping-pong balls and seltzer water to clean your balls.