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Rachel’s Kitchen

  • DTLV

    Rachel’s Kitchen Shuts Down and More Downtown News

    By Geoff Carter

    Susan Stapleton of Eater reports that the Rachel’s Kitchen location inside the Ogden has been shut down, following a Southern Nevada Health District inspection whose findings included “a lack of adequate refrigeration, along with 14 additional demerits.”

  • What’s Cooking in Rachel’s Kitchen?

    By Nikki Neu

    The “Rachel” of Rachel’s Kitchen is more likely to be found in elementary school than in the kitchen of the franchise that bears her name. At just 9 years old, Rachel already has four eateries named after her in the Valley—and that number is growing fast. It’s her mom, Debbie Roxarzade, who decided to name her first Las Vegas-based restaurant after her daughter when she moved her family to Las Vegas in 2006 from Los Angeles, where she had several other restaurants at the time.

  • Dishing With Grace

    Signature Pasta at Rachel’s Kitchen

    Rachel’s isn’t reinventing the wheel with its signature pasta, but it sure does it well. Penne pasta is covered in tomato cream sauce and peppered with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and chicken. The pasta comes piping hot with grated mozzarella on top for that extra cheesy oomph. $11.50, 3645 S. Town Center Dr., 459-6789; 2265 Village Walk Dr., 522-7887.

  • Neighborhood Epicurean

    City of Taste

    By Greg Blake Miller

    Photo by Anthony MairSettebello. Photo by Anthony MairPresidio.