Fall Arts Preview 2014


Now Read This

The Dog: A Novel by Joseph O’Neill (Pantheon, $26) is a hilarious look at success, social class and ethical challenges. Upset over a failed relationship, our nameless protagonist—a lawyer from Manhattan—takes a job in Dubai managing the wealth of a rich Lebanese family and is quickly surrounded by corruption. Read More


The World Series of Poker and its king, Binion (center)

The Untamed Times of Benny Binion

Amid this new cultural climate arrives Doug J. Swanson’s compelling biography of a legendary Las Vegas forefather—Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster who Created Vegas Poker (Viking, $28). In it, Swanson combines an investigative reporter’s zeal for research with an author’s love of words. Read More



I Want That Book: Everything I Never Told You

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Everything I Never Told You (Penguin Press, $27), the debut novel by Pushcart Prize winner Celeste Ng about a Chinese-American family in 1970s-era Ohio. Marilyn and James Lee have three children, but they have the greatest expectations for Lydia, their middle daughter. When Lydia’s dead body is discovered, Read More



We Are Called to Read

Are we all familiar with Chekhov’s gun? It’s one of the maxims of dramatic storytelling, according to Anton Chekhov, the master playwright and short-story writer. Basically, if an author introduces a gun in the first act of a story or play, that gun must be fired at some point. Las Vegas novelist



Drones in Dreamland

The books dedicated to Area 51 could fill a small library, but if you’re less interested in theory and more fascinated by action, you can’t do better than Dale Brown’s Dreamland series. Read More



Paging the Past

Stephens Press sure knows how to make an exit. The book-publishing arm of Review-Journal parent Stephens Media called it quits last year, but it still had its most ambitious project in the pipeline. Read More