Vegas Seven

Rebel Girls

  • Winning

    All the Right Moves

    By Sean DeFrank

    The routines have gotten tighter, the movements crisper, the tricks more daring and the attitude edgier, with baggy pants and fake tattoo sleeves replacing skirts and pom-poms. This reshaping of what the UNLV Rebel Girls once were—a more traditional dance team with Vegas flair—has transpired over nearly a decade, and it recently culminated with the squad winning the hip-hop dance national championship.

  • Sideline Stars

    Sara Craven

    Year in school: Sophomore. Where from: Las Vegas (Arbor View High School) Major/occupational goals: Craven, who is majoring in Human Services and hopes to one day become a counselor, got her career motivation while attending Del Sol High School as a freshman and sophomore. “It was kind of a bad area and I saw a lot of problems, so I decided I wanted to help try and fix some of them when I got older.”

  • Sideline Stars

    Maire Chew

    Year in school: Sophomore. Where from: Farmington, N.M. Major/occupational goals: Entertainment Engineering and Design. Chew hopes to work for Cirque du Soleil someday. “I was really good at math in high school, and I came on a visit to Las Vegas and watched KÀ. I was intrigued by the way the stage tilts from being totally horizontal to totally vertical. I thought that was cool, and an engineering degree would really challenge me.”

  • Sideline Stars

    Lindsay Cotterman

    Year in school: Sophomore. Where from: Las Vegas (attended Silverado High). Major/occupational goals: Cotterman says she aspires to dance professionally after college and then “continue her passion by opening her own studio someday.” But the psychology major also has dreams of working as an FBI agent. “I find analyzing and studying people’s behavior very interesting. Plus I watch Criminal Minds a lot, so I kind of want to be like them I guess.”

  • Sideline Stars

    Alex Ferdinand

    Year in school: Junior. Where from: Las Vegas (attended Silverado High) Major/occupational goals: Ferdinand’s major is in special education, but she also has a minor in counseling. “I hope to someday work with children who have brain disabilities,” she says. “Then maybe get more into occupational therapy and work with people who have been in car accidents, or have brain injuries that have lost their motor skills.”

  • Sideline Stars

    Erin Bush

    Year in school: Junior. Where from: Indiantown, Fla. (attended Coronado High School in Las Vegas)