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Red Rock Canyon

  • Health & Wellness 2017

    Get Social With Your Fitness

    By Shannon Miller

    Sometimes, even your gym buddy isn’t enough to get you to work out on a regular basis.

  • 2017 Wish List

    Preserving Red Rock

    By Shannon Miller

    A recent lawsuit will determine the fate of Blue Diamond Hill

  • News

    Camping on the Rocks

    By Heidi Kyser

    When Las Vegans get the urge to pop a tent in nearby nature, they usually think of Mount Charleston. Little do they know there’s a closer, recently improved option: the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Campground.

  • outdoors

    Hidden Oasis

    By Patrick Moulin

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just a short drive west of Las Vegas, is popular with hikers, mountain climbers and bikers. What many outdoor enthusiasts may not know about are the seasonal waterfalls. These hidden spectacles are a sight not often seen in the desert, and with the heavy winter snows melting, this an excellent time of year to visit.

  • The Local Newsroom

    The Flora, Fauna and Vandalism of Red Rock

    Traversing the trails of Red Rock Canyon, hikers encounter Joshua trees, desert tortoises, yucca plants and even the occasional bighorn sheep. The Native American tribes who made the canyon their home left petroglyphs etched into the gray limestone and Aztec sandstone. These days, many visitors are adding their own markings to the canyon’s rocks, making graffiti almost as common a sight as flora, fauna and wildlife.