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RM Seafood

  • TasteBuds

    Stardissed: Revising Can-to-Table

    By Marisa Finetti and Kirk Peterson

    Just because it comes in aluminum doesn't mean it's not delicious and gourmet.

  • Life Is Beautiful 2017

    Five Most Unexpected Festival Foods

    By Marisa Finetti

    Step away from the ordinary at this year’s Life is Beautiful with five food picks that are sure to push your taste buds to the limit.

  • One Bite

    RM Seafood Delivers Brunch With a Twist

    By Genevie Durano

    Las Vegas has no shortage of brunch places, but the new offerings at Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood are worth the trip to Mandalay Bay.

  • Taste

    Skip the Tabasco, Have a Drop of RM Seafood Elixir

    By Al Mancini

    The oyster spot's chef de cuisine bottles 23 varieties of hot sauce.

  • Dining

    The Next 10 Years With Rick Moonen

    By Al Mancini

    After reminiscing about the changes he and his restaurant have undergone, Moonen took time at the end of the night to offer some interesting predictions as he enters his second decade in Las Vegas.

  • Dishing With Grace

    A Decade of RM, the Newest Shake Shack Maniac and Where to Feed the Beast

    By Grace Bascos

    It’s been 10 years since chef Rick Moonen planted his roots here in Las Vegas with RM Seafood, bringing with him his dedication to sustainable seafood, even here in the desert. Moonen’s branched out since then, opening his steampunk-influenced Rx Boiler room upstairs. But for this anniversary, he’s busting out the classics.

  • Dining

    Best Trendy Fish

    In a sautéed sea bass, seared salmon and tuna tataki world, barramundi is the next It fish. The white, flaky texture makes it versatile to cook with and likable to a variety of palates.

  • Dining

    Dishing: Ginger-Crusted Halibut, RM Seafood

    By Grace Bascos

    New chef John Church is making his mark on chef Rick Moonen’s menu with a dish that puts spring on a plate. A thick slab of halibut is scored with perfect grill marks and topped with slivers of crystallized ginger. Next to it in the bowl is a perfect oyster Rockefeller—creamy, and rich. They both swim in a clear, intense consommé with fresh English peas and fava beans and sea beans, which add a pop of brininess and crunch. $38, in Mandalay Bay, 632-9300,

  • Dining

    Hard to Leave the Big Easy, Big on Japan, and a Night with Accarrino

    By Max Jacobson

    Jeff and Rhonda Wyatt of Marche Bacchus (2620 Regatta Dr., 804-8008) are natives of Louisiana, and I was lucky enough to be in New Orleans with them recently. They took me on an insider food tour of their favorite hotspots, and I’m still reeling from the crawfish pie, boudin, crabmeat au gratin and Creole gumbo.

  • Bars & Booze

    Best Mixology Ambassador

    J.R. Starkus is having the best year ever. Or at least that’s how it seems for RM Seafood’s lead bartender. He’s has been cleaning up the local mixology competition circuit, with wins for Campari’s Best Aperitivo, Don Q’s Mix It Up Ultimate Mixology Challenge (he came in second nationally!) and the Ultimate Las Vegas Cocktail Competition. And it’s only July. “I hope I’m not done,” the St-Germain brand ambassador says with a wink. Think local bookmakers post odds on the outcomes of cocktail competitions?

  • Cocktail Culture

    Chicken Dinner

    By Xania V. Woodman

    RM Seafood lead barman J.R. Starkus is killing it on the mixology competition circuit. He recently took first place in not one, but two recent competitions in conjunction with the United States Bartenders’ Guild.

  • Cocktail Culture

    Character Builder

    By Xania V. Woodman

    RM Seafood lead bartender J.R. Starkus is a barman’s barman: He gives his cocktailian colleagues the subtly complex creations they crave and invites his guests to step outside of their comfort zones while he maintains a strictly all-fresh program. He tames aggressive ingredients and shines a spotlight on the simple and the fresh. Of course, he says, “It doesn’t have to be complicated to be good.” Take, for example, two of his latest recipes, inspired by the Las Vegans for whom they are named.

  • The Brothers Starkus

    By Cate Weeks

    Two years ago, J.R. Starkus thought his career had reached the proverbial next level. He’d landed a coveted bartending job at Aria. It came with corporate benefits. With the prestige of a hip new location. And weekends off. So what if tips didn’t turn out as generous as he expected? No problem, he’d round out his income with a second job at Todd English P.U.B. He liked the people there, both customers and co-workers.

  • Diner's Notebook

    The dinners, drinks and guests of the holidays—plus fish… lots of fish

    By Max Jacobson

    The holiday season means a wealth of special dinners, including last week’s white truffle dinner at Piero Selvaggio Valentino at the Venetian, always one of the year’s most memorable feasts. I’ll have to cut back on the Christmas cookies.

  • Scene

    Repeal This!

    By Xania V. Woodman

    It’s how the nation got its booze back. Repeal Day—the day on which America’s Prohibition of alcohol ended, Dec. 5, 1933—will be celebrated in high fashion at a number of swinging parties around town this year. On Dec. 5, enjoy a Prohibition-era themed happy hour, 6-9 p.m. at RM Seafood in Mandalay Bay, then you can lift up a glass with Vegas Seven’s parent company, WENDOH Media, at the Holiday Repeal Day Bash, 8 p.m. at Comme Ça in the Cosmopolitan.