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  • Social Influence

    Get On Board With the Future of Local Transit

    By Jessi C. Acuña

    The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is conducting surveys to get community input for transportation planning and options. Here's what's in store.

  • Channel7

    New Waze Around

    By Geoff Carter

    Congratulations, Las Vegas, on taking one step closer towards emulating Los Angeles: Traffic is now so bad here that we need Waze to combat it.

  • Green Felt Journal

    The Future of Las Vegas Transportation

    By David G. Schwartz

    Today, Las Vegas gladly welcomes 42 million-plus visitors each year. But there’s one more guest who has been showing up too much lately: gridlock.

  • The Week

    Three Years of Car-Free Las Vegas Living

    By Geoff Carter

    Look, I love the RTC. To my mind, it’s the most transparent of Nevada’s state-funded agencies: We can account for every nickel it gets by simply by looking around. ...All that being said, these past three years have been, um, challenging for me.

  • The Latest

    The (New) Bus Stops Here

    By Geoff Carter

    On September 13, 2012, a 24-year-old drunk driver lost control of his car at the corner of Spring Mountain Road and Decatur Boulevard. He crashed into a bus stop on the southeast corner of the intersection, killing four and seriously injuring several others. Intoxication and speed were obvious factors, but so was the position of the bus stop.

  • Infrastructure

    Who Will Buy These Sweet Transportation Ideas?

    By Vegas Seven Staff

    OK, Regional Transportation Commission: You asked for it, you got it. The commission is putting together a plan for the next 20-plus years, and, through Nov. 26, the public is invited to propose priorities as RTC considers the future of transportation in the Valley. Here’s Vegas Seven’s contribution. Driving • Get private companies such as Zipcar to bring car sharing to town. (This would work especially well around CSN, UNLV, Nellis Air Force Base and downtown.)

  • Transportation

    For RTC, an Appealing Advance

    By Geoff Carter

    I have only one real complaint about RTC Ride Tracker, the real-time scheduling app that recently debuted on RTC’s website ( I wish they hadn’t waited until the end of summer to produce it. If over the course of this long, hot summer I’d had access to a smartphone app that told me the exact arrival time of every RTC bus, I wouldn’t have this ridiculous farmer’s tan or this gently seared brain tissue. That aside, it’s a solid win for both the transit agency and those who use it.

  • The Local Newsroom

    ACE Produces Winning Hand

    After just a few weeks, the Regional Transportation Commission’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route between the Strip and downtown seems to be finding its ridership. The ACE Gold Line and the new ACExpress C Line from Centennial Hills join a BRT route called MAX already running from downtown to Nellis Boulevard. Ground has just broken on a new line down Boulder Highway, and RTC also received funds for a new line along Sahara Avenue.

  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road

    Jacob Snow, general manager of the Regional Transportation Commission, has spent his career working on ways of bringing people to Las Vegas and moving them around. In a transit-averse, auto-heavy town like this, that hasn’t been easy. Cars are happiest, he says, when there aren’t other cars around. “We’ve got a lot of unhappy cars.” And Snow thinks he has a solution to get people out of them. It’s called Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and it’s about to unfold across Las Vegas.