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Southern Nevada Water Authority

  • Do Good

    Global Water Awareness Starts Here

    By Heather Peterson

    Mina Guli will do something no one has ever done before—running 40 marathons over the course of 40 days along six rivers in six different continents.

  • Gossip

    Tippecanoe and Entsminger, Too

    By Jason Scavone

    The line of succession isn't clearly outlined at the Southern Nevada Water Authority, but it seems that Pat Mulroy’s departure won’t end in a Game of Thrones-esque struggle for power.

  • Need to Know

    Parsing the SNWA’s Rate Hike

    On September 26, the Southern Nevada Water Authority board approved an increase in the rates it charges residential customers. There was little objection; who, after all, could take issue with a case painstakingly made by a citizen committee that spent a year hashing out the details?

  • Should the Southern Nevada Water Authority Raise Rates?

    By Heidi Kyser

    You might not care about Southern Nevada Water Authority general manager Pat Mulroy’s struggle to keep the Las Vegas Valley hydrated, but you’ll undoubtedly notice if your water bill goes up.

  • The Week

    Water, Water … Nowhere

    By Heidi Kyser

    The diagnosis is discouraging; the treatment options dwindling: We’re running out of water fast, and Pat Mulroy is running out of ways to tap and distribute what water remains. It’s been a season of bad news for the general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, whose singularly difficult mission is to keep this Valley […]

  • Will We Drink the Snake Valley Dry?

    By Heidi Kyser

    Alarm clocks went off early on June 15 in Baker, Nevada, some 300 miles north of Las Vegas near the Utah border.

  • Keep Your Priorities Straight and Your Eyes on Carson City

    By Michael Green

    The Legislature is considering two distinct, but related bills right now that have gone all but unnoticed by the public at large. It’s that lack of scrutiny that tells us something about what we should expect of government, and where our priorities for it lie:

  • Dispatch

    So Long, Starry Skies

    By Heidi Kyser

    A little more than 90,000 people visit Great Basin National Park each year. Compare that to Zion’s 2.8 million visitors and you begin to understand that Great Basin, nestled in Nevada’s White Pine County, is a sort of stealth park, an under-the-radar beauty. Maybe that’s why it’s a frequent target for really bad ideas. The latest is part of the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s plan to pump tens of thousands of acre-feet of water per year from valleys in northeastern Nevada and bring it to Las Vegas via a massive pipeline that would cost upward of $3 billion.

  • The Week

    Is the Water Authority’s Magic All Tapped Out?

    By Bob Whitby

    It was, ironically, World Water Day—March 22—when the Nevada state engineer decided it was OK for the Southern Nevada Water Authority to pump 84,000 acre-feet of ancient groundwater annually from arid Northern Nevada to your front lawn. World Water Day, a United Nations event that focuses attention on sustainable management of freshwater in an increasingly thirsty world, has been held every March 22 since 1992.

  • Water

    Walking the Pipeline

    By Bob Whitby

    Hearings to determine whether the Southern Nevada Water Authority will get a permit to pump 126,000 acre-feet of water annually from four rural valleys to Las Vegas wrap up in Carson City Nov. 18, but we have to wait until March to find out if Jason King, the state engineer tasked with deciding the issue, will OK the plan.

  • The Latest

    Where Will All the Water Come From?

    By Bob Whitby

    Perhaps you’ve heard that the Southern Nevada Water Authority wants to build a 300-mile pipeline to pump ground water from Northern Nevada to Las Vegas. The SNWA says it’s vital that we have another source of water because relying almost exclusively on the Colorado River via Lake Mead is risky and bad for business, so the agency is in Carson City right now asking the state engineer for permission to take 126,000 acre-feet of water annually out of the ground from rural Nevada valleys and send it to Southern Nevada.

  • The Latest

    Moving the Ichthyosaur

    By Bob Whitby

    David Millman is exasperated; there’s really no other word for it. The freight elevator is broken, the phones and e-mail are down, and the computers aren’t cooperating. Those are just this afternoon’s little challenges. “I am in the middle of 10,000 different things,” Millman says from behind the desk in his office, head in hands. “I cannot keep up. I just can’t.”