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Steve Wynn

  • Green Felt Journal

    Understanding the Wynn Legacy

    By David G. Schwartz

    This isn't Steve Wynn's first departure from the gaming industry—a look back at the history of Wynn's role in the creation of Las Vegas.

  • stage

    Steve Wynn’s ShowStoppers Features $2 Million Worth of Costumes

    By Melinda Sheckells

    And Suzy Benzinger makes sure you see every penny.

  • Style

    The Creative Force Behind Wynn Resorts’ Ready-to-Wear-Quality Uniforms

    By Melinda Sheckells

    Hedy Woodrow possesses the type of style, confidence and poise that can captivate a room. These are also the qualities that the senior vice president of retail for Wynn Resorts hopes to pass on to the 12,000 employees whose uniforms her team envisions from sketch to casino floor.

  • Art

    $28.2 Million Popeye Sculpture on Display at the Wynn

    By Cindi Reed

    Apparently, like cellphone contracts, Steve Wynn is following the new-every-two rule for Koons sculptures.

  • Learning from Michael

    By Michael Green

    Alert readers might think the headline refers to the author. Certainly not. Our text today comes from that noted philosopher, Michael Corleone, in The Godfather. In one of the final scenes of that magnificent film, he confronts his brother-in-law over setting up Sonny Corleone to be killed. When Carlo denies it, Michael replies that he doesn’t want to hear that he’s innocent “because it insults my intelligence.” The following people need to watch that scene:

  • Seven Questions

    Seven Questions for Tom Breitling

    By David G. Schwartz

    Tom Breitling’s career started humbly enough: In the early 1990s, he was a sportscaster and weatherman for a TV station … in Barstow. By decade’s end, Breitling had surfed the dot-com boom to a multimillion-dollar payout, which came in 2000 when he and business partner Tim Poster sold their startup Travelscape to Expedia. By January 2004, Breitling had teamed with Poster again, this time buying the Golden Nugget casinos (both Downtown and in Laughlin) from MGM Mirage. A little more than a year later, the partners sold the two properties for a total of more than $330 million.

  • Just the Facts, Ma’am

    By Michael Green

    To understand some of what we have recently heard in the campaigns requires us to remember one of the most important days in American history, Oct. 17, 2005. On that date, Stephen Colbert coined the word “truthiness”—essentially, that if you believe what you’re saying, it must be true.

  • Night-lites

    Pawn Star turns 30

    By Jason Scavone

    Pawn Stars’ droopy-lidded sidekick, Chumlee, has crossed over into his fourth decade with a big 30th birthday party at LAX on Sept. 8. He got down with about 30 friends, going at the club from midnight until the wee hours. We suppose now that means the Old Man will have to be known as the Even Older Man.

  • Why Steve and Sheldon are Making a Mistake

    By Michael Green

    If you want to disprove the old adage that the worst publicity is no publicity, consider this headline from a left-leaning website: “Biggest Donor to Romney and GOP did Business With Chinese Mob.”

  • Gossip

    Wynn really no problem for Paris

    By Jason Scavone

    Paris Hilton is so un-banned from Wynn properties that she’s even getting invited to special events now. Apparently Steve Wynn doesn’t hold grudges at all. We guess “Wynn” isn’t an Irish name, then. (Gangs of New York-era zing! We’re full of timely material.)

  • Found Material

    Fighting to Keep Their Edge

    It once seemed that casino operators could do no wrong—just open the doors and watch the money roll in. But tough times have caused a much different climate in the gaming world, and a pair of New York Times stories shine a harsh spotlight on the industry. The first examines the split between Steve Wynn and Japanese business partner Kazuo Okada, while the second details the struggles of Connecticut’s Foxwoods Resort Casino.

  • Wynning and Losing

    By Michael Green

    When Lyndon Johnson became president after John F. Kennedy’s death, some said their differences proved “Austin isn’t Boston.” Perhaps Steve Wynn wonders whether they meant Austin, Nev.

  • The China syndrome

    By Michael Green

    Macau long since surpassed Las Vegas as the world’s biggest gambling center as measured by total revenue.  But Macau and the rest of China hold important meaning for Nevada in other ways.

  • Cocktail Culture

    His & Hers

    By Xania V. Woodman

    We now pronounce them husband and wife. Vegas’ own royal couple, billionaire Steve Wynn and the lovely Andrea Hissom, tied the knot in a private ceremony at the Wynn chapel on April 30. But before the exchange of rings, more than 500 guests enjoyed a chic, Miami-style pre-wedding white party in the Latour ballroom.

  • Night-lites

    Flavor Flav booked and released over warrants for auto-related incidents

    By Jason Scavone

    Singer, actress and Playboy model Taryn Manning is adding “DJ” to her résumé. She spins at Blush on May 7, but will not, as her résumé suggests, be doing it topless. Shame. Flavor Flav got popped by, in his words, a “rookie-ass cop” on April 29. He was pulled over, and police found he had warrants for auto-related incidents. He was taken to jail and booked before being released.