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Super Bowl

  • Super Bowl 2017

    Super Bowl LI Celebrations

    By Mark Adams

    Your living room is great, but these big-game parties are worth getting off the couch for

  • The Deal

    Out for the Big Game

    By Anthony Curtis

    Having some viewing options for the Super Bowl figures to be of increased importance to many this year.

  • The Week

    Betting on Integrity

    By Jason Scavone

    We didn’t come here to talk about Tom Brady’s deflated balls. We’re not going to waste precious column inches discussing how hard Tommy has to work to get a grip on them, or how unhappy he gets when his balls aren’t treated properly over the course of the game.

  • Vegas Rated

    Where to Touchdown for the Big Game

    By Amber Sampson

    There’s something euphoric about watching the Super Bowl in a roomful of people who love the smell of pigskin as much as you do. Toss in a bottomless bucket of beer and that’s a traditional game-day gathering. But why limit yourself to one kind of experience? Las Vegans have options. That’s why we’re blowing the whistle on seven places to watch the big bowl.

  • Super Bowl Preview

    Super Deals for Super Sunday

    By Anthony Curtis

    It’s Super Bowl week, and the casinos and bars are competing hard to pull you in for the Big Game. As always, the list of establishments is a long one, and I don’t have room to mention them all in this space. But here are some of the better options.

  • The Deal

    Line Shopping, Freebies Mark the Savvy Super Bowl Bettor

    By Anthony Curtis

    Every year the Super Bowl brings some of the year’s best deals for sports bettors and fans. Exactly how good this year will be isn’t something I can tell you right now, because most of the deals will be unveiled after this column has been written. But I’ve been through enough Super Sundays to give you a road map to follow.

  • Dining

    Where to Party, What to Eat During Super Bowl XLVIII

    By Camille Cannon

    Prepare yourself for the biggest game of the year by filling your belly with these super specials.

  • Pop Culture

    Setting the Lines for Top Silver-Screen Showdowns

    By Jason Scavone

    We all survived the thin-gruel Sunday that comes between the NFL’s conference championships and the Super Bowl, with just the Pro Bowl—the Samuel Beckett novella of sporting events—to sustain us. Now it’s Super Bowl weekend, and with it the one time of year everyone turns into a gambler. And as much fun as it is […]

  • Going for Broke

    UNLV over SDSU is a slam dunk, much to the chagrin of this Aztec alum

    By Matt Jacob

    Five Super Bowl-related signs that the apocalypse might indeed be on the horizon: 1) Eli Manning now owns two Super Bowl rings. That’s one more than his big brother and two more than Hall of Famers Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Jim Kelly and Fran Tarkenton. 2) Tom Brady, who won his first 10 playoff games (including three Super Bowls), is 6-6 in his last 12 postseason contests, including 0-2 against Manning in the Super Bowl.

  • Going for Broke

    Jumping on the bandwagon is daunting, but it’s hard not to like the Giants

    By Matt Jacob

    Every time Super Bowl week rolls around, I’m reminded how lucky I am to live in the only state with legalized sports betting—and, boy, is that especially true this year. Because without the opportunity to place action on Super Bowl XLVI, I’d be left with the following quandary:

  • The Deal

    Making the most of the Big Game

    By Anthony Curtis

    This Sunday will be one of the biggest days of the year in Las Vegas, as hundreds of thousands of visitors descend on the city for Super Bowl weekend. Officially labeled “the Big Game” by the casinos to avoid problems with NFL trademarks, this year’s marquee matchup between the New England Patriots and New York Giants is expected to generate more interest than any Super Bowl in recent years, and possibly the most ever, with the betting handle expected to approach the 2006 record of $94.5 million.

  • Going for Broke

    After a brutal start to the NFL playoffs, it’s time to call in the experts

    By Matt Jacob

    Three weeks ago in the NFL’s wild-card round, my top play was the Steelers as an 8-point road favorite at Denver. Result: Tim Tebow did his best Steve Young impersonation and shredded the Steelers defense—which through 16 regular-season games was the best in the league in terms of points and passing yards allowed—and the Broncos won 29-23 in overtime. Even though I went 3-1 with my remaining NFL playoff selections, I ended up in the red.

  • events

    Tackling a Larger Audience

    By Sean DeFrank

    The Lingerie Football League is putting on the moves this year in an attempt to gain greater exposure in Las Vegas and around the world. Since debuting in 2004, the league’s primary showcase, the Lingerie Bowl, has been a pay-per-view Super Bowl halftime alternative featuring women playing tackle football in skimpy uniforms on a 50-yard field. Lingerie Bowl IX, however, will kick off at the Orleans Arena at 1 p.m. Feb.

  • Gossip

    Jersey Shore even has pull in the NFL

    By Jason Scavone

    In the pantheon of unlikely buddies, there are giants who walk among us. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Sylvester Stallone and his mom, who will shoot lest you knock off whatever it is you’re doing. Turner and Hooch. Add one more to the roster: Aaron Rodgers and DJ Pauly D. The Super Bowl MVP, and the “P” in the more tanning-centric MVP.

  • Going for Broke

    Vandy a dandy play following Super victory

    By Matt Jacob

    The confetti was still falling from the rafters of Cowboys Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday when the wife hit me with the following: “So, now that you actually won money on a Super Bowl, does that mean I’m going to get a decent Valentine’s Day gift this year?” “Well,” I replied, “ordinarily, yes. But I’m thinking of donating the winnings to charity—half to Christina Aguilera so she can purchase a copy of the lyrics to the national anthem, and the other half to the Black Eyed Peas so they can purchase some singing lessons.”