Big Tech Comes to Town

Whether a local startup gains traction or collapses, a common fear is that its founders could flee to Austin, Texas, or Silicon Valley instead of staying in Las Vegas, where many complain that the talent pool is limited….But eBay, Tesla and Switch could signal a turning of the tide. Read More



What to Make of Startup Shutdowns?  

In the startup game, failure is not questioned; it’s expected. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, less than 20 percent of startups succeed in giving substantial returns to investors (and industry insiders will tell you it usually takes at least three years before those profits start rolling in, and sometimes as many as seven). Read More



Meetups Fuel Vegas’ Tech Scene

While getting to know many of the local techies Downtown and throughout the Valley, one thing I hear often is how inclusive this community is compared to other tech cities. Many newcomers and visitors say they are surprised when they’re meeting with other entrepreneurs and hear, “How can I help you?” promptly following their company pitch. Read More


The (New) iPhone Cometh. Maybe.

With Verizon and Sprint slashing the prices of their iPhone 4’s and Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference coming up June 10-14 in San Francisco, rumors are building about the impending announcement of an iPhone 6. Well, one of the rumors is that it will be an “iPhone 5S”—but if the phone is cool enough, its name won’t Read More


Technology and the Base

The major political party conventions are done, and now the micro-targeters take over, the political marketers who understand your voting, shopping and Internet browsing histories better than you do. Armed with iPads and other touch-screen devices, they’re deploying armies of political activists and phone bankers who have two goals: Get Las Vegas Valley voters to the polls while critical TV and Internet commercials push down opposition Read More