The (New) iPhone Cometh. Maybe.

With Verizon and Sprint slashing the prices of their iPhone 4’s and Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference coming up June 10-14 in San Francisco, rumors are building about the impending announcement of an iPhone 6. Well, one of the rumors is that it will be an “iPhone 5S”—but if the phone is cool enough, its name won’t Read More


Technology and the Base

The major political party conventions are done, and now the micro-targeters take over, the political marketers who understand your voting, shopping and Internet browsing histories better than you do. Armed with iPads and other touch-screen devices, they’re deploying armies of political activists and phone bankers who have two goals: Get Las Vegas Valley voters to the polls while critical TV and Internet commercials push down opposition Read More



Starting Up, Letting Go

For decades, Nevada’s high-tech industry has lagged behind powerhouses such as California. In some cases, we’ve even discouraged tech companies that wanted to move here, such as Electronic Arts in the early 2000s. So it’s encouraging to finally see Nevada lawmakers actively welcoming emerging Read More

Vegas Tech


Five Apps Las Vegas Needs Now

Think hard about the last time you consulted a folding map or looked up a number in the phone book. If you can’t remember, that’s because we’ve all got smartphones with applications that put handles on the urban experience. Las Vegas is served well by global apps: Google Maps, Foursquare and Yelp are fully functional both on the Strip and off. But that’s not enough. We need apps to make it easier to live here, and five apps spring to mind Read More



After the Hack

After working in the e-commerce industry for 15 years, I came to believe that a company is best measured by how it reacts in a crisis. On Jan. 15, hackers accessed information for 24 million Zappos customers, putting the company to a stern and sudden test. Company databases get hacked all the time, sometimes despite excellent security. But the worst breaches happen when they store complete credit-card information in their customer database and try to hush up the breach Read More



Cosmopolitan Banking on Social Capital

The Cosmopolitan recently received two Sherpie Awards, which honor the best social media marketing in the casino industry, winning for “Best Use of Twitter” and “Best in Show.” In a sense, the awards were richly deserved—the Cosmo has seamlessly integrated Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and YouTube into a comprehensive platform fine-tuned to interact with the forward-thinking customers the resort is courting. So there’s some real commercial competence on display here. But what’s really in it for the Cosmopolitan’s “friends” and Read More


It’s the latest must-have for trendy New Yorkers: a start-up of one’s own

I can’t tell you the whole idea.” The Internet entrepreneur on the other end of the phone sounded panicky. “It’s going to sound ludicrous and ambitious, more ludicrous and ambitious than most.” The voice belonged to a 27-year-old Stanford law student—“just about the oldest you can be where I cannot remember not having a computer”—who was in New York to talk to people about his new concept for a website. He gave a few vague descriptors that could apply to half the start-ups in New Read More

Digital Vegas

Tech This Out

In a city overloaded with overhyped technology conferences, it’s refreshing to find one emphasizing quality over size. The Digital World Expo, despite its grand and generic name, is a homegrown, well-focused labor of love—the brainchild of local new-media marketing pro Shawn Read More


Virtual Second Chance

What happens in Vegas doesn’t usually stay in Vegas anymore—it’s set adrift in the sea of social media networks, and all those Twitter posts about hating your job or late-night ex-boyfriend stalking on Facebook have a way of haunting you from cyberspace. Have no fear, drunken Tweeter; Last Night Never Happened is here to rescue you from your inebriated recklessness. Billed as a “morning-after” app, it’s designed to take care of those little social media missteps, hopefully before your entire network sees Read More