Fall Arts Preview

Hogan Family Heirs

It’s sometimes easy to forget here in this Golden Age of Television, with your Breaking Bad and your Mad Men and your collection of Wire DVDs you keep forcing your friends to borrow that the medium is still, more often than not, about repackaging familiar storylines, similar characters and redundant settings. This is why there’s an endless barrage of cop Read More

Pop Culture


The Undead Hordes Are Singing

I never set out to hear “Blurred Lines.” No one listens to Robin Thicke songs on purpose. But there it was, coming from, literally, everywhere. On commercials, on the radio, in stores, at work, just leaving work, on the way home from work, on the other end of my phone when my grandmother calls and just starts humming it, being barked in harmony by a pack of wild dogs roaming the alley behind Beauty Read More

Pop Culture


Being Walter

Of all the great tragedies facing us as a society, the fact that there are only eight remaining episodes of Breaking Bad has to rank among the most dire. (Sorry, overpopulation, peak oil and the continued existence of the word “selfie.” You had your chance.) It’s a sad time for fans, yes, but it’s also bouncing-off-the-walls exciting as we get to the final run of one of television’s best series at 9 p.m. August 11 on Read More


Blast Vegas: Needs More Sharks

Give credit to the savvy marketing robots at Syfy, they tuned right into the inherent draw of setting their sub-Bruckheimer dreck in Las Vegas. Who isn’t going to tune in to see the Bellagio knocked down a couple of times? We’ve already seen the White House blown up in a hundred different movies. Time to mix it Read More


Gymhouse Rock

Stepping into a nondescript office park on Arville Road, I enter a bizarre soundstage. A ball-capped, pajama-ed, athletic-looking children’s-TV character sleeps in his bed. Flies buzz his smelly toes. Sunshine filters through the window. He rises, rubs his eyes and launches into his best—that is, funniest—Saturday Night Fever impression. The original musical track, “Disco Daddy,” is bass-heavy, kick drum-thumpin’, club-ready, four-on-the-floor Read More



Girls … With Children

I started thinking about moms in American pop culture, ironically, while watching an episode of Girls. Specifically, it was the scene in which two of the series’ (platonic, female) twenty-something protagonists bond by way of a shared bath. My first thought was, I have never casually bathed with a friend while discussing my relationship problems. My second was, I would literally pay someone if they could guarantee me a bath that no one else would try to climb into. You see, I have a toddler. He is there when I Read More