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The Chelsea

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    Concert Review: Bruno Mars

    By Camille Cannon

    Bruno Mars didn’t have to set up residency in Las Vegas. His last album, Unorthodox Jukebox, sold more than 1.8 million copies and his last Vegas concert took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Playing to an intimate room of 3,000 at the Chelsea—the capacity of our city’s newest music venue, housed in The Cosmopolitan—was just for fun.

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    Bruno Mars, Bringer of The Chelsea (and Residency)

    By Jason Scavone

    The Cosmopolitan's Eastern European glass factory is bringing in the man whose heart is the most delicate spun crystal. Bruno Mars will kick off the new Chelsea at the Cosmo December 29 and 31--before he returns to do a mini-residency there.

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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    By Sean DeFrank

    If you’re going to see a band play on New Year’s Eve, especially at $150 a ticket, you should expect a little more than the norm. But for the most part, the Red Hot Chili Peppers treated their show as if it were just another stop on their I’m With You tour.

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    The Killers

    By Elizabeth Sewell

    In Las Vegas there aren’t too many opportunities to cheer for the hometown band. This could be why the Killers, with their platinum albums and Billboard No. 1’s, hold such a place in the city’s collective heart. On Dec. 28, the foursome ended a three-year absence from the Las Vegas stage with a 90-minute set filled with hits from their four albums.

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    David Gray

    There was a lot more room to move around on this Friday night than in acts past. The large space, which has housed A-list performers such as Jay-Z and Morrissey, seemed an odd fit for the British singer/songwriter who hasn’t had a major hit in the United States since 2005. Gray’s greatest strength, his voice, shined admirably on upbeat tunes “Please Forgive Me” and “The One I Love.” His ballads, which were many, also had power behind them as evidenced on “This Year’s Love” and “Ain’t No Love.” Dude sings a lot about love.

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    Tour Buzz

    By Geoff Carter

    LOVE IS GRAY: There’s an 80 percent chance your girlfriend loves David Gray. The English singer/songwriter has been sending her musical valentines for years, and he’s only gotten bolder. He cuts albums of heartfelt, guitar-driven folk and mid-tempo rockers occasionally sweetened with electronic flourishes (“David is so talented,” your girlfriend says).

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    Stevie Wonder

    By Sean DeFrank

    Yes, the Motown legend hasn't had a major hit single since the mid-'80s, and, yes, at 61, he's a bit older than the Cosmopolitan's usual clientele. But Wonder's talent and genius persevere, and he maintains a stockpile of songs that will endure long after people have forgotten about today's disposable pop icons.

  • Concert Review


    By Jarret Keene

    In the packed Chelsea Ballroom, everything fell into place—glitch beats, glow sticks, gravity-destroying dubstep bass booms. It sounded—more importantly, it felt—like it was all meant to be, even the inglorious part where I’d waited until well after midnight for Deadmau5’s music to savage my asking-for-it eardrums. It did with a vengeance, the Meowingtons Hax tour ensuring no human body, not even this jaded hipster, could keep from responding to the Canadian DJ’s electro-house music.

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    Tickets for the buxom Brit singer, which started at $100, had sold out within hours. And for good reason. During her Saturday night concert, the mature 23-year-old proved to be the best soul artist of this generation with her grasping voice, passionate tone and powerful lyrics. She engaged the audience with meanings and tales behind her songs, jokes about her pet dachshund getting fat and more than a dab of bitterness toward ex-boyfriends. Though emotional pop-ballads may be an acquired taste, anyone could enjoy this expressive cup of tea.

  • A Small Bite

    Swining and dining: Cochon 555 trots into Las Vegas

    By Xania V. Woodman

    If you don’t, as Samuel L. Jackson says in Pulp Fiction, “dig on swine,” you might want to stop reading this right now. The standard Cochon 555 event puts five chefs together with five winemakers and turns them loose on five whole pigs. Magic generally ensues, at least according to devoted pork-lovers. Almost lost in the bin Laden-related Twitter frenzy on May 1 was the leaked news that the 3-year-old porcine competition concept would stick its snout in the Las Vegas market this summer. When it was made official, the news was even better than expected.