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The Hostile Grape

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    Best Try-Before-You-Buy Wine-Tasting Bar

    Choosing a bottle of wine is a 750-milliliter commitment not everyone is willing to make, especially when the quality and price can vary so greatly. Hence, the Enomatic wine preservation system. Not only does it dole out 1-, 3- and 5-ounce portions and preserve the remainder in the bottle, but it makes it possible for the wine-curious to sample to their heart’s and wallet’s content. But no place beats M Resort’s wine bar, The Hostile Grape, for sheer volume—160 wines plus a full bar. On Fridays, Rock ’n’ Roll Wine rolls in at 5 p.m.

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    The Vintastic Five

    By Max Jacobson

    A good wine bar should provide three things: a convivial atmosphere, the opportunity to try a wide selection of wine at a reasonable price, and a few nibbles to balance the experience. My inaugural wine bar was Jacques Melac in Paris, where I often stopped in to try wines from the Languedoc and Loire, and chat with working-class guys busy devouring French sausages, giant hunks of smelly cheese and huge glasses of six-franc red.