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    The Killers Come Full Circle at 107.5’s Holiday Havoc

    By Monica Acuna

    It was a truly special night, with the hometown heroes closing out The Pearl as only they can.

  • Conversations

    Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Talks Vegas Strong Benefit and Healing After 1 October

    By Camille Cannon

    "I’ve been more and more proud to be from Las Vegas and what that represents, especially in these last few months."

  • music

    The Killers Will Preview Its Upcoming Album During a Free Show At Caesars Palace

    By Mark Adams

    The homegrown indie outfit will perform a live preview of 'Wonderful, Wonderful' Strip-side on July 31.

  • Hear Now

    Melody Sweets Has a Gift for Santa, The Quitters Get Higher Than St. Nick

    By Zoneil Maharaj

    Plus: The Killers come home for Christmas and Ekoh is done with 2016.

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    Shamir, Wayne Newton and The Killers Meet the Big Room

    By Geoff Carter

    Let’s be clear about this: A black, gender-fluid kid from Northtown opened the biggest venue ever to exist on the Las Vegas Strip.

  • Concerts

    Brandon Flowers Gets Intimate at Bunkhouse

    By Erik Kabik

    If you were lucky enough to get into the Bunkhouse Saturday night for Brandon Flowers’ sold-out show, then you got to witness a master at work.

  • Gossip

    Killers, Costello and Conspiracies at the Mack

    By Jason Scavone

    What’s the most musical month? Well, the Grammys are in January, and the height of concert season stretches from June to August. We had the iHeartRadio Festival in September, Electric Daisy Carnival in June, and Vegoose and Life Is Beautiful both staked out October.

  • Backtalk

    What Does Nevada Day Mean to You?

    To kids in the Clark County School District, it means no school on Friday. To tourists, it’s probably just another travel day. But to those for whom home means Nevada, what’s the significance of this statewide holiday? Historically speaking, Nevada Day commemorates the date when our state was admitted into the Union, on October 31, […]

  • Gossip

    Means to an End

    By Jason Scavone

    Noted philosophical muse of college freshmen circa 1998 Semisonic once posited, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

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    The Killers

    By Elizabeth Sewell

    In Las Vegas there aren’t too many opportunities to cheer for the hometown band. This could be why the Killers, with their platinum albums and Billboard No. 1’s, hold such a place in the city’s collective heart. On Dec. 28, the foursome ended a three-year absence from the Las Vegas stage with a 90-minute set filled with hits from their four albums.

  • Music

    Tour Buzz

    By Geoff Carter

    IL RITORNO: “Come back, come back, Madonna … We still need you,” cries an old Italian man at the end of the video for “Open Your Heart.” I love that bit because the old man’s scripted outburst speaks to a larger cultural truth. Every time we open ourselves up to a singer who resembles her—Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Robyn … say when—it’s like a little prayer for Madonna’s return, and she keeps coming back, even though she really doesn’t have to.

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    Born of the Desert

    By Miriam Coleman

    The Killers have never been shy about their local roots, but on their latest album, they flaunt them. Named for the motto on the Nevada state flag (and sharing its title with the band’s Las Vegas recording studio), Battle Born is firmly grounded in the geography of desert highways, neon lights and fading motels. As the Killers were finishing their fourth studio album in New York this summer, Vegas Seven sat down with drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. to talk about their hometown, musical influences and what’s next.

  • Goodbye, Tommy

    The girl I'm dating came over Monday afternoon with cupcakes she baked to cheer me up. I told her I should go downtown and pass them out and when people asked, “What are you celebrating?” I would say, "My friend committed suicide today." The joke is rough and uncomfortable, and that is why I know Tommy Marth would encourage me to go for it. His sense of humor, one of his best qualities, was unrelenting. Downright brutal sometimes. There was no bullshit with him and that's why I have questions that will never be answered, at least not here.