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  • Seven Questions

    Seven Questions for Véronic DiCaire, Vocal Impressionist

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Musical eras bounce around like tennis balls on the Jubilee! Theater stage at Bally’s—from Billie Holiday to Karen Carpenter to Rihanna, plus 47 more examples—when Véronic DiCaire is on it. Nurtured by Celine Dion as her protégé and tour opener, the 36-year-old French-Canadian impressionist debuted her one-woman smorgasbord of singers, Véronic Voices, in June.

  • The Look

    Eric White Likes His Wardrobe Light

    By Jessi C. Acuña

    I tend to always wear white. It looks the most professional, and I think less is more. Ten years ago I was dressing more to get attention, but that’s changed as I’ve gotten older.

  • Ask a Native

    Tin Foil: Not Just for Crazy-People Hats

    By James P. Reza

    When I was a kid in Vegas, I saw house windows all over town covered with tin foil. Was this thought to protect against potential rogue radiation from the Nevada Test Site? Interesting guess, but it was actually another Vegas thing that prompted the practice: the commonality of the swing shift in our 24-hour city.

  • Next Exit

    Behind Every (Big) Bird, a Story

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    So much to love in this city. Sometimes I visit the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign to glom onto tourists’ giddiness. The scene today: a 5-year-old boy fresh from his aunt’s wedding, wearing a turquoise tuxedo, white Nikes and a fedora; four guys in striped soccer jerseys who leapt into the air simultaneously for their Fabulous photo; and Big Bird.

  • Seven Days

    Mount Up for War Horse at The Smith Center

    By Bob Whitby

    You can go see War Horse at 7:30 p.m. at The Smith Center for the heartwarming tale of a soldier and his loyal horse that’s been winning over audiences around the world, or you could go see it for the amazing puppetry that brings it to life onstage. Either way, it’s worth seeing.

  • Sports

    For Rebel Basketball, Jamal Aytes Arrives Just in Time

    By Mike Grimala

    Just a little more than a month ago, Jamal Aytes wasn’t even on the UNLV basketball roster. Now the 6-foot-6 freshman forward could find himself playing a key role for the Rebels this season.

  • Three Questions

    Three Questions: Benefit Corporations

    By Heidi Kyser

    Let’s say you wanted to follow in the footsteps of Blake Mycoskie, the icon of philanthropic capitalism who, for each pair of TOMS shoes his company sells, gives another pair to a child in need somewhere in the world. Would you start a nonprofit? A for-profit? What’s the business model for that?

  • Need to Know

    On Your Mark, Get Set … Health Care

    By Heidi Kyser

    If you’re looking for health insurance, and you’re wondering what the years of endless noise about “Obamacare” means for you, October 1 is worth circling on your calendar. That’s the day you can go to and start shopping for coverage on the Silver State Healthcare Exchange.

  • The Week

    The Construction of Creativity

    By Greg Blake Miller

    Not long after the architect Bill Snyder moved to Las Vegas in 1978, he ran into some unpleasantness with the contractors on a library he was building. There were threats, veiled and unveiled, and it was unclear how, exactly, a young designer on unfamiliar ground in the still-rough-hewn Southern Nevada of the cowboys-and-mobsters era was going to make the threats go away.

  • Going for Broke

    Ducks’ Spread-Covering Dynasty to End vs. Cal

    By Matt Jacob

    If you happen to be a little strapped for cash, you might want to be on the lookout for Joe Public, the novice (which is a nice way of saying “clueless”) bettor who blindly backs big favorites, no matter the point spread. Joe Public is easy to spot these days, as he’s the guy strutting about town like Steve Wynn.

  • About Town

    Football, Parenting and Hard Knocks

    By Matt Jacob

    Postgame advice to my son, a sophomore quarterback on his JV football team in Henderson: You’ve GOT to step into your throws and not be afraid to get hit!

  • The Deal

    More Football Deals, Bars and Contests

    By Anthony Curtis

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about several good football-related deals around town, most of which are associated with football parties or contests. Those are all still valid, but every year new deals show up after the season begins.

  • Green Felt Journal

    In Monte Carlo, Back to the Past

    By David G. Schwartz

    If you were born in a gambling city back when that meant you were a little different from everyone else, you grew up vaguely holding Monte Carlo as the platonic ideal of what a gambling town should be: refined, elegant and timeless. Actually visiting the place, though, reveals something quite different.

  • Should the Southern Nevada Water Authority Raise Rates?

    By Heidi Kyser

    You might not care about Southern Nevada Water Authority general manager Pat Mulroy’s struggle to keep the Las Vegas Valley hydrated, but you’ll undoubtedly notice if your water bill goes up.

  • Architecture

    Honoring the Best in Nevada Design

    By Heidi Kyser

    The American Institute of Architects’ Nevada chapter recently selected its 2013 design award-winners—honoring both conceptual art installations and institutional renovations.