Vegas Seven

The Orleans

  • Taste

    Nearly 21 With a New Look, The Orleans Is All Grown Up

    By Larry Braverman

    The “Born on the Bayou” property looks even better with age, but it took some upgrading to get there.

  • Dining

    Taste the ‘New’ Orleans

    By Al Mancini

    Our critic recently visited two of The Orleans' newest restaurants for an early taste.

  • Stage

    MythBusters Bring Their Debunking Act to the Orleans

    By Todd Peterson

    Is it just me, or is it more than a bit ironic that "MythBusters" television duo Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are launching their live tour, "Behind the Myths," in Las Vegas? After all, Vegas is America’s foremost mythological city.

  • Stage

    Dennis Miller Wants to Kill the Bad Guys, Keep Half His Money and Make You Laugh

    By Jason Scavone

    We caught up with Dennis Miller, who returns to the Orleans June 13-14, to talk the politics of comedy, Carrot Top’s eyebrows and touring with Jack White.

  • The Deal

    From Da Vinci to Dirtbag Tuesdays

    By Anthony Curtis

    Another new year, another crop of only-in-Vegas deals . . .

  • Showstopper

    Maher needs Strip upgrade to match his status

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Say your Obama hosannas, Vegas. Leftie joke-teller/bomb-thrower Bill Maher has chosen our neon hamlet in which to shred Republicans this last weekend before the election, performing Nov. 3-4 at the Orleans. Intending no offense toward the Orleans, but the off-Strip property isn’t where Maher—America’s Premier Political Pot-Stirrer/Hornet’s Nest-Kicker/All-Around Rabble-Rouser (Comedy Division)— belongs. As host of […]

  • Stage

    The Demigod of Deadpan

    By Jason Scavone

    It’s been nearly 30 years since Steven Wright brought his sui generis mix of monotone, deadpan and logically taut absurdist one-liners to The Tonight Show. In the three decades since, the Boston comic developed into a titan in comedy whose influence far outstrips his recorded material and film and television appearances.

  • Hot Ticket

    Tassels on Parade

    By Cindi Moon Reed

    If you’re still sad about missing Dita Von Teese’s recent burlesque show at House of Blues, we have your antidote in spades … and feathers and sequins. On May 31-June 3, the Orleans will host the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. The main attraction is four nights of burlesque performances, including the Tournament of Tease (2011’s reigning Queen of Burlesque Miss Indigo Blue is pictured) and the 55th annual Titans of Tease reunion, which features dancers from the 1940s-’70s.

  • Concerts

    Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender

    By Cindi Moon Reed

    Four days of rockabilly, Western swing, roots rock and even a little old-fashioned country tested out my eardrum endurance. And I loved every minute of it. There was swing dancing to the Big Six and bopping to a 2 a.m. set by my new favorite band, Omar & the Stringpoppers. By day, I caught the Hula Girls strumming their unique brand of “hulabilly” at the pool, playing six performances atop a waterfall over the course of the weekend. The best band that nobody noticed? New Orleans’ Bustout Burlesque Jazz Band playing the live soundtrack to the Burlesque Showcase.

  • The Deal

    Pigskin parties

    By Anthony Curtis

    Maybe the Vegas football parties aren’t quite what they used to be—especially for Monday Night Football—but there are still several interesting plays out there.

  • Stage

    Best of the B-Boys

    By Heather Yuille

    When Howard and Karen Schwartz traveled to Tokyo more than 10 years ago, they noticed large crowds gathered to watch street dancers perform on sidewalks. Inspired, Howard and his wife wondered, “What if we could be able to have the whole world enjoy that talent and creativity?” So they created Hip Hop International, and started by producing a stateside hip-hop competition. Ten years later, the production company continues to bring raw talent found on street corners around the world to the stage.

  • Empire of Laughs

    Joe Sanfelippo is not just a fan of comedy; he is a student of the business of comedy. He’s always looking for an angle, an opportunity to present something different. If there is a need, he looks to fill it. And when he sets his mind on a market, he will do whatever is necessary to establish a presence. In this way, the Midwesterner-turned-Floridian has built his empire one laugh at a time. Today, Sanfelippo has more than 20 successful comedy clubs across the country. His latest destination: Las Vegas.

  • Review

    Grandma Lee


    The cantankerous sailor-mouthed coot is definitely not someone whom you’d want sitting across from you at Thanksgiving dinner. Which is, naturally, what makes the comedian so hilarious. She repeatedly stirs the cognitive dissonance generated when a stooped old lady weighing not much more than her age carefully eases her way onstage with the help of a four-footed cane, gingerly sits down on a stool in the spotlight, and proceeds to tell the audience the explicit sexual acts she’d like to repeatedly perform on the warm-up comics.

  • The Deal

    Deals on dogs

    By Anthony Curtis

    If there’s an Old Faithful of casino deals, it has to be the hot dog. While 99-cent shrimp cocktails and $1.99 breakfasts are all but extinct, for some reason the joints can still see their way clear to selling hot dogs at bargain prices—$2, $1, even 75-centers are still out there.

  • Music

    Vintage Va-va-va-voom

    The Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is all about bringing that elusive ’50s-style back to life (with a modern twist, of course). Devotees from around the world—8,000 are predicted this year—will come to celebrate all things rockabilly, with more than 50 bands, burlesque performances, vendors, a dance competition, fashion shows, pin-up beauty contests, tiki pool parties and more. New this year is Burlesque Bingo: Every time a bingo number is called, a piece of clothes comes off.