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    Trend Report: A Trio of Las Vegas Retailers Tell Us What’s Hot This Season

    By Claire Wigglesworth

    "I love the black-and-white trend, and this will continue through to spring. Also, I love the feminine and flirty dress this season."

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    Hot Look: Katie Epstein

    By Laurel May Bond

    El Cortez Hotel & Casino’s vice president and director of guest services has the enviable ability to make fashion appear effortless. In less capable hands, her signature “mix of all things glamour, girly and tomboy” could appear dangerously haphazard, but Epstein dresses up and down with equal aplomb.

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    Boutiques We Love

    Five of our favorite one-of-a-kind shops

  • The Shopping Guide

    What’s Haute on the Horizon

    From laid-back to luxe, hipster to high-fashion, a bevy of new boutiques will open in Las Vegas this holiday season. Here’s a roundup of some of the most-anticipated. The Containers Cometh If you haven’t been scorched from the fire-spewing praying mantis on the corner of Seventh and Fremont streets yet, then you may have missed […]

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    Stores We Wish Las Vegas Had

    Despite our cravings for Swedish meatballs and self-assembled furniture, the Scandinavian retailer still has no plans to break ground in the desert. We’ll just have to keep driving to L.A.

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    Hot Look: Scott Julian

    By Laurel May Bond

    While we easily guessed the name of Zappos’ senior buyer Scott Julian’s favorite retailer, we were surprised to learn he has shopping in his DNA—and even still more shocked to hear him use the term “jorts.”

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    Hot Look: Nash Gray

    By Laurel May Bond

    We don’t normally seek fashion advice from a toddler. But because his father, Jon Gray, is the stylish general manager and vice president of the Linq project, and his mother, Ruth, is the reigning Mrs. Nevada, Nash Gray is an exception to the rule.

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    Vegas-Themed Threads—No, Not the Tourist Kind

    By Camille Cannon

    You love Las Vegas, and you want to wear your heart on your sleeve. Now you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to do it.

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    12 Days of Artsy Gifting

    By Danny Axelrod

    The merry little elves at Vegas Seven want to treat you to some good ol’ fashioned caroling. Read on for a retooling of holiday chestnut “The Twelve Days of Christmas” in which we share our picks for great arts and entertainment gifts.

  • Music

    Spin This Gift Idea

    By Adam Culler

    Record Store Day, the annual High Holiday for audiophiles, gets a Black Friday spin-off for the fourth time.

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    Shopping Tips for Bargain Hunters

    By Laura Coronado

    Fashion blogger Laura Coronado shares her tips on what’s hot and affordable right now

  • The Shopping Guide

    At the Fashion Show, a High-Tech Showdown

    By Nicole Ely

    It feels like a science fiction movie: I’m in a familiar place, but something is off. It looks like an Apple store. Similar display tables. Tablets and smartphones aligned and ready for people to play with. Similar staff, clad in dark-blue T-shirts, eager to answer questions. But no customers. And when have you ever seen an Apple Store vacant?

  • The Shopping Guide

    Queen of Stylish Convenience

    By Jessi Acuña

    Shopping in your pajamas is great. Not paying for anything in advance is even better. So perhaps buying the latest fashions online is the way to go.