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  • The Week

    Three Years of Car-Free Las Vegas Living

    By Geoff Carter

    Look, I love the RTC. To my mind, it’s the most transparent of Nevada’s state-funded agencies: We can account for every nickel it gets by simply by looking around. ...All that being said, these past three years have been, um, challenging for me.

  • DTLV

    How a Team of Engineers Are Plotting the Future of Mobility

    By Zoneil Maharaj

    While there’s much excitement and debate about the autonomous vehicle revolution, there may be an even greater coup on the way we move—and live—being plotted by a team of engineers and designers in Downtown Las Vegas.

  • Transportation

    Will Uber Jump-Start a Mass-Transit Revolution in Las Vegas?

    By Nicole Ely

    One half of my brain is in full panic mode. The other half is frantically sifting through various backup plans. Thirty minutes from now, I’m supposed to be turning off all my electronic devices, with my seat back and tray table in their full upright and locked positions.

  • Latest

    Nevada, Meet Uber

    By Geoff Carter

    This morning at 5:00 a.m., Las Vegas joined the more than 200 cities worldwide served by rideshare service Uber. If you download the Uber app to your iOS or Android phone right now, you'll see hundreds of Uber cars cruising around on Vegas' streets, waiting for you to call one up.

  • About Town

    A Virgin Voyage Aboard the Las Vegas Monorail

    By Geoff Carter

    One passenger is impressed with his first ride on the monorail—and wonders about its potential to offer more.

  • Transportation

    Why Your LA-to-Vegas Commute Just Got Slower

    By Brooke Edwards Staggs

    The sun is setting on your California getaway, and you’re ready to trek home to Las Vegas. You leave behind the hell that is Los Angeles traffic and make it to Interstate 15. There’s just one major hurdle left between you and the open road: the Devore interchange.

  • The Latest

    On Vegas’ Unforgiving Roads, Homeless People at Risk

    By Felicia Mello

    It’s no secret that pedestrian deaths are on the rise—not just here, but nationwide. But a new study by the Southern Nevada Health District turns up this startling statistic: Homeless people in Clark County are about 22 times as likely as non-homeless residents to be fatally struck by a vehicle. While researchers didn’t pin down […]

  • Transportation

    Light Rail in Vegas? Still Far Off, But Closer Than We Thought

    By Geoff Carter

    The bad news is that Las Vegas still doesn’t have a light rail blueprint, in spite of the fact that we’ve been talking about our need of one since the late 1990s. But the good news is that the discussion continues at the Regional Transportation Commission, and it has recently produced twin ideas.

  • Higher Math

    The Best Time to Drive to L.A.

    Perhaps you’ve hopped on Interstate 15 heading south on a Sunday in July and noticed you weren’t exactly alone. That’s because it was a Sunday in July, when I-15 south is most apt to resemble a parking lot.

  • Transportation

    Gentlemen, Charge Your Engines

    By Jason Scavone

    We like Teslas: They’re handsome, silent, fast and all-electric. The earth itself may love Teslas, for all we know. The problem, if you’d like to strap yourself into one and dash across the Mojave, has been that they give you slightly better range than strapping a couple of r/c models to your feet. But that issue may soon be a thing of the past: Tesla recently announced plans for a nationwide network of its supercharger stations, capable of delivering a 200-mile charge in 30 minutes, to be rolled out by 2015.

  • Legislature Getting Serious About Long-Hauling

    In the midst of a taxicab driver’s strike, the Nevada Legislature recently released an audit of the industry in Clark County that says that long-hauling—the practice of taking passengers well out of their way in order to run up a higher fare—happens 22.5 percent during trips to and from McCarran Airport alone, accounting for $14.8 million in overpayments last year.

  • Transportation

    When Share and Share Are Not Alike

    By Geoff Carter

    By the numbers $400: Estimated monthly cost to take part in the Tesla-powered Project 100. $60: Yearly cost of Geoff Carter’s Zipcar membership in Seattle. $8-$11: Zipcar’s hourly use fee $0: Project 100’s hourly use fee. Fast: What your Zipcar probably isn’t.

  • Rethinking the Transportation-Hospitality Complex

    By David G. Schwartz

    On the surface, transportation to Las Vegas seems to work well enough. Outside of getting tunneled on their way from McCarran International Airport to the Strip, tourists are able to get from point A to point B relatively smoothly. But the apparent seamlessness of what we might call the “transportation-hospitality complex” masks its delicate nature. In other words, it doesn’t take much to throw the machine out of whack and put the Valley’s economy at risk.

  • Transportation

    Advocacy on Wheels

    By Geoff Carter

    The pamphlet is called How to Not Get Hit By a Car: Important Lessons on Bicycle Safety—and if I could, I would put one in the hands of every driver and cyclist in the Valley. A publication of the Nevada Bicycle Coalition, Not Get Hit is packed with piece after piece of two-wheeled common sense: Make eye contact with drivers; don’t ride against traffic and so on.

  • Transportation

    Cabbie Crackdown

    By Sean DeFrank

    My wife and I were recently pulled over in a cab on our way home from the airport. The driver was just veering toward the connector tunnel when Nevada Taxicab Authority enforcement flagged him down and asked him where he was headed. The stop was part of an NTA crackdown on long hauling, the old pocket-lining trick of taking passengers the long way home.