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Travel Guide 2010

  • Out & About

    Shopping in Chicago

    Beyond great hot dogs and hockey, Chicago is the Midwest’s ultimate shopping destination. Like Las Vegas, it has a high concentration of luxury retailers populating its chic downtown areas known as the Magnificent Mile and The Loop. But since sometimes it is imperative to “dig in the crates” to put together a well-curated wardrobe, a trip to Chicago’s hip Wicker Park neighborhood is a must.

  • Art

    Staycation or Vacation

    By Andreas Hale

    If you are a lover of art, Las Vegas may not have quite enough to satisfy your appetite. Sure, First Fridays are great, but a sensory overload awaits you in New York. If you consider taking a trip to the Big Apple this summer, you’ll want to check out some of these exhibitions. Or if you’re stuck at home, you can enjoy an armchair art tour by reading along and then visiting the listed websites.

  • Travel

    Fargo on My Mind

    By Melinda Sheckells

    I think of myself as an adventurer. A bon vivant. A wanderer. I have been far and I have been wide, and each journey seems a little wackier than the former. For example, there was the time I went all the way to the Rock of Gibraltar and forgot my passport, not realizing, of course, that it’s actually part of England and that my Spanish visa wouldn’t work when crossing the border. Sadly, I missed the monkeys that inhabit the Rock, but I ended up in an Iberian Kmart hunting for doodads and trying to make my traveling companion not hate me for getting so close to Africa (a mere 14 miles) with nothing to show for it.

  • For a Real 180 …

    By Ida Siverio

    When describing a great vacation to someone, do you tell them about it in the format of a day-by-day narrative, share only the trip’s highlights or include every little detail of the experience? Ultimately the idiosyncrasies of the place visited and the specific memories it created determines the style in which a journey is remembered. Which is why Portland, Ore., is the perfect getaway, where four days gives one plenty to talk about upon return.

  • Sail Utah!

    By Xania V. Woodman

    For a high-end Bohemian mountain retreat that defies any preconceived notions you may have had about Utah, book a three-night escape to Park City (locals not-so-jokingly call their mountain sanctuary “Park City, Colorado”) and prepare to be impressed. Friday through Sunday is best in summer—which is terribly short, mind you, at 7,000 feet elevation. Day One:

  • L.A.’s New Act

    In its heyday, Culver City was the home of MGM and Hal Roach studios. Its streets were once lined with nightclubs, such as the Cotton Club and (later, during Prohibition) speakeasies. But, in the mid-20th century, studio sets became abandoned lots, and the city lost its sparkle. Driven by the relocation of Sony Pictures Studios to the former MGM headquarters, Culver City has once again become hip. Its main roads are packed with galleries, architecture firms and wine bars. It’s also become L.A.’s hottest restaurant row. The only problem these days? Where to park.

  • Bargain Hunting?

    Thinking that there must be some good in the bad economy, we polled the experts for great deals on summer vacations. But because travel deals are subject to change (scroll the fine print here) and because our deadlines prevent up-to-the-minute updates, we have to communicate the possibilities in generalities about when, where and why to go. But this report should give you a pretty good idea of what’s being offered.

  • Travel Guide 2010

    Escape Routes

    Three jaunts designed to invigorate the weary desert dweller.

  • Music

    Ramble On

    By Mikey Francis

    Amid the sheer amount of summer travel options, a “music festival marathon” might be the most exciting and fun way to escape the desert heat. Planning a trip like this is quite a task, but that’s where I come in. Think of me as your personal musical travel agent. From L.A. to Japan, I handpicked some of the best music festivals and have pieced together the ultimate summer music travel adventure for your reading pleasure.