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    Nonstop Air Service a Win For Vegas

    By David G. Schwartz

    Nonstop flights from Las Vegas to Beijing’s Capital Airport are a key to unlocking new tourist opportunities.

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    San Francisco, Where the Beats Live On

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    Take in the culture, food and booze of this city by the sea

  • The Deal

    Retreat to Mesquite

    By Anthony Curtis

    Sometimes it’s fun just to get away for a bit, and hitting another Nevada casino town is a ready option.

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    Wheels Up! Your Guide to Private Jet Travel

    By Melinda Sheckells

    Private jet travel was once only reserved for C-level executives and superstars. Now, it's becoming more accessible thanks to a few companies that are selling flat-fee memberships or individual seats to business travelers and adventure seekers for a fraction of the cost normally associated with this one-percenter amenity.

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    The Vegas Girl’s Guide to New York City

    By Melinda Sheckells

    Here’s two of my picks for great places to stay in the city, depending on what kind of trouble you are looking to get into …

  • Summer Getaways

    Can’t Do One of Our Getaways? Here’s the Next Best Thing

    By Paul Szydelko

    If the prospect of another TSA-mandated search or rising gasoline prices impede your desire to try out one of our summer getaways, here are a few ways to experience each destination without ever having to leave the Valley.

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    Seven Nevada Historic Sites to Visit in 2014

    By Michael Green

    You know who you are, dear Nevadans: The ones who, when it’s time for a getaway, hightail it out of the Silver State to the beaches of Southern California or the majestic parks of Utah.

  • Is This Vegas or Am I Dreaming?

    By Melinda Sheckells

    If you are like me and you have lived in Vegas so long you can’t live without Vegas even when you travel, make sure and check into the Dream Downtown on your next break to New York City. Not only will Las Vegans find familiar faces right and left (Thanks to the fact that the rooftop bar PH-D and lobby restaurant Marble Lane are kin to Vegas’ Tao Group) but the thumping DJ in the lobby and stylish crowd will make you feel as if you never left the desert, save for the better weather this time of year.

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    Ready for Takeoff

    By Sean DeFrank

    McCarran International Airport’s Terminal 3, which opens June 27, certainly throws some impressive numbers around: a $2.4 billion price tag, 1.9 million square feet, 14 new gates (seven international, seven domestic), bringing McCarran’s total to 110.

  • Journey to the Center of Earth

    By Melinda Sheckells

    The splendors of Ecuador are far-reaching and unmatched the world over. With wonderful cultural sites like the Museum of the Equator in Quito and the Galapagos Islands, there is no other place offering such varying environments. The culture is rich, the food is indigenous and the people are warm and closely tied to their roots. Here’s how to see Ecuador and the Galapagos in seven days, without missing a beat.

  • Red Mountain Resort Packages Relaxation

    By Diana Edelman

    The silence actually hurts my ears the first night I arrive to Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, Utah. Coming from Las Vegas, where even in a remote area, there is still some sort of noise, the silence here is nearly deafening. And beautiful. I need this trip. I know I do. The stress has been mounting, and the promise of time tucked safely between terracotta-covered rocks jutting from lava field dotted with mint green desert brush sounds like the perfect cure -- a world away from Luxor’s light beam.

  • Summer Survival Guide

    Vacation Lite

    By Diana Edelman

    Studies show that in the United States by 2020, 83 percent of men and 72 percent of women will be overweight or obese. But another trend offers hope, and it’s associated with a traditionally unlikely fitness activity: vacation. In the past few years, more health resorts are being built in gorgeous places around the world with this mission: Hijack the lifestyle to which we’ve grown accustomed and kick our behinds into something tauter.

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    Traveling Light

    By Bob Whitby

    There’s a service in town called Bags to Go ( that, for the very reasonable price of $10 per bag, will transport your luggage from your hotel to McCarran International Airport and run it through security for you. It isn’t new, but it recently expanded from serving only the Venetian to serving six hotels. No longer a quirky exception, the proxy approach just might become the new rule.

  • In the Shadow of the Old West, an Unlikely Music Venue

    By Diana Edelman

    Back in the ‘40s, when Westerns were still de rigueur, Roy Rogers and a couple of investors got together to bankroll the construction of Pioneertown, Calif. The actor-occupied village/set played home to John Ford’s Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean as well as Gene Autry’s eponymous television show, among others. It looks like it was dropped, fully formed, in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town is a 4-mile drive down a windy mountain road into uneventful Yucca Valley, Calif.

  • Crossing the Border, Wish You Were Here

    By Diana Edelman

    The new fence separating Nogales, Ariz., from Mexico doesn’t look pretty. But, with an $11.6 million price tag, it doesn’t have to look pretty, it just needs to get the job done.