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  • DTLV

    Until Death Do Us Pot

    By Jessie O'Brien

    A look at one of Las Vegas's newest wedding chapels

  • Features

    Going to the Chapel

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    Our picks for where to tie the knot

  • Features

    Weddings on the Go

    By Nicole Ely

    Equipped with a retro teardrop trailer that operates as a mobile chapel, the pop-up wedding company Flora Pop delivers matrimonial bliss just about anywhere.

  • The Week

    Is Las Vegas Still the “Wedding Capital of the World?”

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    Along with “Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas often is billed (by itself and outsiders) as the “Wedding Capital of the World.” But as we sit here in the heart of nuptial season, there’s a white dress in the room that needs to be addressed: Our slice of the cake seems to be shrinking, as the number of marriage licenses issued in Clark County has steadily fallen for the past decade.

  • Nightlife

    Eat, Drink and Be Married at EDC

    By Deanna Rilling

    Electric Daisy Carnival attendees who managed to pry themselves from the main stage last year may have noticed couples getting hitched during the festivities—whether legitimate or “raver married” with a just-for-fun certificate. But what do the newlyweds do afterward? Celebrate with a commemorative funnel cake and a vodka Red Bull? Sure, if that’s how you […]

  • Romance

    The Real Journey Begins

    By Sean DeFrank

    It took them more than five months on the road to get here, but Joseph Crist and Laura Brunett made it intact to their wedding Sept. 24 at Lake Mead’s 33 Hole Overlook. After leaving their home in Canton, Mich., on April 15, they had walked most of a 2,500-mile route before physical ailments forced them to finish the journey in a Greyhound bus. States visited: Eight.

  • Hitchin’ a Ride

    By Sean DeFrank

    Last April, Laura Brunett and Joseph Crist decided to walk from Canton, Mich., to Las Vegas so they could get married Sept. 24 at Lake Mead. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Brunett and Crist will get to town on Sept. 21—but they’ll be onboard a Greyhound bus. The journey—most of it in the heat of a record-setting summer—took a steep physical toll on the couple. Crist was bothered by knee problems and Brunett suffered from the heat, as well as hip and knee ailments.

  • Tourism

    Long Walk to the Altar: An Update

    By Sean DeFrank

    Laura Brunett and Joseph Crist thought they had their entire 2,500-mile route mapped out when they began walking in mid-April from Canton, Mich., to Las Vegas for their Sept. 24 wedding at Lake Mead (Vegas Seven, May 5). It should come as no surprise that there have been some surprises along the way. When the couple got to Lyons, Kan., at the end of June, Brunett was overwhelmed by the humidity and triple-digit heat, and she and Crist wound up taking a bus to Colorado. “It was probably the smart thing to do,” Crist says. “I think we probably would have died.”

  • true romance.

    These Vegas stories prove love happens when — and where — you least expect it Strip clubs. Alcohol. Adultery. Quickie weddings. Equally fast divorces. For a city that has its very own Eiffel Tower and Grand Canal, Las Vegas is rarely thought of as a city of romance. It may be heavily marketed on sin and liaisons that “stay in Vegas,” but real-life love stories do unfold here—it’s just that they don’t get told very often.