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World Cup

  • Trash Talk

    Where Will Lebron’s Loyalty Lie?

    By Amber Sampson

    Local radio sports host JT "the brick" and Pauly Howard discuss Lebron's future. Will the star player stick it out with the Miami Heat or jump ship? With the explosion of viewers for the World Cup, can sports book regulars expect to place more bets on it in the future? Hear it all right now on Trash Talk.

  • Trash Talk

    Why Don’t We Care About the World Cup?

    Local sports host JT "the brick" and Pauly Howard discuss the San Antonio Spurs' success in Game 3 and question whether Lebron James will shoulder the heavy lifting for his team or buckle under the pressure. And with the World Cup underway, are Americans really watching?

  • Going for Broke

    World Cup Action Not Just Confined to Brazil

    By Matt Jacob

    Frankly, I’d rather watch paint dry and grass grow … while getting a vasectomy … than watch a soccer match—it is that painfully boring. That said, I understand the World Cup’s massive appeal, particularly in these parts, where every sportsbook in town is taking action on the monthlong event that kicks off June 12.

  • The Proper Way to Watch Soccer

    “Soccer is so boring!” I must have heard a thousand derivatives of this statement since I moved to America, and by now I’ve learned to smile and simply acknowledge that sometimes it really can be exasperatingly laborious—especially for score-obsessed America. However, if I took a friend from Middle England and sat him down in front of a TV screen for a 1-0 baseball game, what are the chances he’d find that interesting? He doesn’t understand it, and therefore the likelihood is it would be extremely boring, just a bunch of dudes standing around with gloves on, swinging a stick sporadically.

  • The Latest

    Raise a Pint, Mate

    By Xania V. Woodman

    Las Vegas’ only British-owned and operated bar, the Queen Victoria Pub, opens its doors on June 28 for pints, footy and bangers—just in time for the 173rd anniversary of Queen Victoria’s coronation. Eager Anglophiles and expats can try to stop in sooner; the pub hopes to open quietly and softly on or around June 21 at the Riviera.

  • Going for Broke

    Plenty of opportunities to score during World Cup

    By Jeremy Pond

    Christmas comes once a year, but for soccer freaks like me, Santa Claus pops out of hiding a second time every four years wearing cleats and shin guards. Yes, the World Cup is here and I’m happier than Lindsay Lohan avoiding jail time. Thirty-two countries begin their quest for the coveted championship, with host nation South Africa taking on Mexico in the June 11 opener.

  • Sports

    Reaching the Goal

    By Sean DeFrank

    In just under six months, Herculez Gomez’s career has skyrocketed from one of soccer journeyman to a role on the biggest stage in sports. The 2000 Las Vegas High School graduate was named on May 26 to one of the 23 spots on the U.S. World Cup team. Considering that Gomez’s career seemed to be stagnating just last year, realizing a lifelong dream is still a bit surreal for the 28-year-old striker.