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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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    Concert Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    By Todd Peterson

    At the end of any live performance–whatever your taste in music–what you’ve just witnessed comes down to one thing: showmanship. This is what separates truly memorable gigs from all the rest. So what happens when you take spectacle and put elbow grease behind it? Ask Karen O, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ hot mess of a […]

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    Tour Buzz: Garbage, New Order and Kings of the Mic

    By Geoff Carter

    MANSON IS KILLING: Five reasons to see Garbage at the Pearl on April 12 ($40-$60)—okay, kids, let’s do this. One: Every song on their 1995 debut sounds good today. Two: Shirley Manson homina homina homina. Three: They recorded a James Bond theme; the fact that it accompanied a truly mediocre James Bond film is not germane. Four: Butch Vig homina homina homina. Five: Gosh, they’re just a good band. You put three crazy-talented producers in a band with a killer Scottish vocalist and you get good shit every time.