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Year in Review

  • Year in Review

    Our Seven Most-Read Stories of 2017

    By Seven Staff

    Articles on 1 October, Zak Bagans and WWE were the most popular.

  • Features

    14 Noteworthy Las Vegas Moments

    By Seven Staff

    The year in review from the pages of Vegas Seven and beyond

  • Pop Culture

    The Pop Culture Circus of 2013 Should Be an Easy Act to Follow

    Because so much of my life revolves around the consumption of, and reflection on, pop culture, I find that my overall satisfaction with the past 12 months’ media morsels—from movies to music to political scandals to celebrity Twitter feuds—figures significantly into my grade for the year. And by that measure, it would be hard to fail more spectacularly than 2013.

  • The Latest

    The Year of Subtle Awakenings

    In 2013, Las Vegas continued its steady post-recession rise—and regained some of its optimistic swagger. We asked luminaries in diverse fields to tell us what this year meant to their corner of our culture.

  • Television

    The Tween Years

    By Una LaMarche

    2010 is the first year of the new century’s adolescence, so in a way it’s fitting that the television landscape was so sullen. Now, wait. Before all you Hawaii Five-O fans start chasing me with tiki torches, or you devotees of The Event try to confuse me with your backward “E,” understand that I’m not saying there were no decent shows this year.

  • The Best Albums of 2010

    By Jarret Keene

    This year, something seismic occurred in musicians’ collective imagination. What exactly I’m not sure. Perhaps it was related to the oncoming new dark ages. Or to a miserable political landscape where sheepish Americans gladly allow their bodies to be invaded by airport security. Or to the hopeless grind of a still-bad economy. Indeed, there was palpable desperation in much of 2010’s best music, as well as a re-commitment to basic joy, an emotion no longer treated superficially by the wretched trends of disco, techno and everything else.