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    Las Vegas 2100

    By Jessie O'Brien

    Imagining the future of the city, from rising temps and a sinking water supply to moving to Mars

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    Brother Sister Duo Takes on Type 1 Diabetes

    By Ryan Vellinga

    Erick and Oaklie Leavitt head to Washington, D.C., to advocate for juvenile diabetes at JDRF Children’s Congress

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    Camping on the Rocks

    By Heidi Kyser

    When Las Vegans get the urge to pop a tent in nearby nature, they usually think of Mount Charleston. Little do they know there’s a closer, recently improved option: the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Campground.

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    To Brazil From Vegas, With Love

    By Felicia Mello

    The organizer of Las Vegas’s first Brazilian festival isn’t Brazilian. But Dutch national Ramon Van Meer has immersed himself in his adopted culture, and is excited to share it with Las Vegans. “I met my wife four years ago and before that when I thought about Brazil I thought about about soccer and beautiful samba girls,” says Van Meer. “Then I realized there’s so much more to that culture. There’s so much passion in the music, the food, and it’s very diverse.”

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    Inside the Brony Convention

    We sent Vegas Seven's Trey Tagliaferri deep into the heart of Brony territory at The Riviera, when a collection of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic enthusiasts gathered to celebrate a spirit of love, tolerance and cartoons about talking horses.