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    Tech Startup Uses A.I. to Find Social Media Influencers

    By Misti Yang

    Influential detects engaging and popular Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to deliver targeted brand campaigns.

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    Seven Apps for the Energy-Savvy

    By Nicole Ely

    Here are a few apps to help you stay green in between bouts of Candy Crush.

  • Tech

    Sexism in Tech: The View From Vegas

    By Nicole Ely

    We talked to three female leaders in the Las Vegas tech community about their own experiences and their advice to other women interested in entering the field.

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    Nevada Drone Companies Take Flight

    When the Federal Aviation Administration last month selected Nevada as one of six test sites for unmanned aerial vehicles in civilian airspace, state officials cheered the potential for new drone companies to locate here. But the boost to the state’s drone industry was also good news for the few companies already here.

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    Get That Phone Out of Your Hands!

    By Nicole Ely

    From smart jewelry to stealth cameras, 'nonintrusive' wearable tech was all the rage at this week's Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s a sampling of the wares.

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    Pulse Point Is a Life-Saving App for Life-Saving Neighbors

    By Tye Masters

    Sometimes it takes something new to make the most of an old virtue. Case in point: Pulse Point, a smartphone app recently introduced in Las Vegas, gives volunteers trained in compression-only CPR a better way to serve their neighbors and save their lives.

  • TechVegas Tech

    Morning in Vegas

    By David Davis

    We’re a couple of decades late to the party, but it looks like Southern Nevada may finally be developing a sustainable technical community.

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    Virtual Second Chance

    By Sean DeFrank

    What happens in Vegas doesn’t usually stay in Vegas anymore—it’s set adrift in the sea of social media networks, and all those Twitter posts about hating your job or late-night ex-boyfriend stalking on Facebook have a way of haunting you from cyberspace. Have no fear, drunken Tweeter; Last Night Never Happened is here to rescue you from your inebriated recklessness. Billed as a “morning-after” app, it’s designed to take care of those little social media missteps, hopefully before your entire network sees them.

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    Swype It

    In the age of smartphones, two methods of typing have come to dominate: touch (iPhone) or physical keyboard (BlackBerry). Now there’s a third option, and it may just revolutionize how we use smartphones. It’s called Swype, and the typing technique is a key feature of the Motorola Droid X, a new Android-based phone that goes on sale July 15 at Verizon for $200 (after contract). Swype is also available on the MyTouch 3G at T-Mobile and the Samsung Omnia II (Verizon), and there is hope that an iPhone app will be introduced.